Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not lost.

Not Lost.

HWY 5. CA. 2009.

This was taken one year ago. I can remember that day as clear as if it were yesterday. Then, I was wrestling with a bit of writer’s block and a cold hard case of needing to figure what I wanted. That day, one year ago, I needed an answer for a question I couldn’t formulate to win a million dollars. And late in the afternoon I was offered this image. “All is not lost if something flops.” Typically, I keep going toward what I’m focused on. In that case, I didn’t know what that was and it was odd timing but nothing more or less than I needed to hear.

Yesterday I had a question, because I knew the answer I sought. Which Direction? But the universe is a bit smart sometimes so there wasn’t a direct answer. After road trip home from out of town and thanks to several road signs along the way I was granted with an unusual response albeit took twenty-fours hours to decipher.

First road sign: How’s that hope and change working out for you? I took this one as the universe picking my brain for a moment. Because truly what is hope and change without proper application? 2nd road sign: One way. Meaning: follow the direction of the road. Third sign: Stay off the median. Meaning: Keep clear of the middle ground. No one gets anywhere staying in the middle where it’s safe. Fourth sign: Barb’s next exit turn left on HWY 33. Meaning: Get off on the next exit. Take a chance and get off the road you are on.

Got off on that exit. Turned left. Followed the road thirty miles. Aside from an out of business diner there was nothing there, so I turned around and found my way back to the main highway and then home. I kept thinking all I wanted was an irrefutable sign, some cosmic significance to change from this path since positive progress has been made in this direction. But the universe gave me no undeniable sign of significance. Although it did give a little understanding. Getting off the road, driving thirty miles in an unknown direction and finding nothing was the worst thing that happened. And you can always turn around and find the way back to the main road if it doesn’t work out. Cause in the end you’re not lost.


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