Friday, August 6, 2010




Pain is life. Life is love. Love is pain.  The grand circle of events. And how I love circles. These nine words have been my mantra for most of the week. Where and what does this all resonate back to? Currently sore. Painfully sore. Added a few new moves to my repertoire of training and experiencing the after effects of such decisions. Both legs = Oi! Ouch! Sitting and walking are a challenge. Fabulously! Discipline requires the pain of sacrifice. So this gets me thinking...

But do not get the wrong idea. I absolutely love this turnaround of thought. And continue to recommend the training to anyone who is curious. That which does not kill you… ever heard that one? Bet you have. I’ve had this conversation with more than one of my favorite people this week who have each said, “Aw. You should just take something strong for that.” To which I continue to say, “That’s ok. This feeling is something to endure and it will lessen as my body adapts.” Painkillers are not ok for sore muscles. Besides there is ice and heat among other mild ways to reduce swelling.  

Aside from all the obvious feelings of pain that scare people… Can you imagine not having legs to experience the pain of soreness? Think of a fallen soldier. Amputated limbs. Paralyzed without feeling. Wait, think about it. What if you couldn’t ever experience the feeling of soreness again? It is expected that a few of you said, ‘ALRIGHT’ and that’s ok. You’re being honest with yourself. But think about it. What if you couldn’t have an experience again… even if was something as trivial as being sore?

Anyway, please continue to understand that any type of feeling is keeping you present in the now. To dull from it is to not give into the experience. Drinking, drugs, excessive ‘anything’ to avoid only means you are disconnecting and ignoring. Stay present. Pain means you are alive. Breathing. Living. Life means love. Celebrate the good the bad and the uncomfortable. It is what it is. Love means pain. Heartbreak. Death. You love nonetheless. Oh yes, being sore reminds me of all this. What does pain remind you of?

Keep feeling… Life, Love, and Pain. It is worth it all. m.

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