Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and Smooth.

Hot and Smooth.

“Hot and Smooth like Kentucky Bourbon.” It’s hotter than… hell outside and the words are flowing smoother than… whiskey? Kidding.  m.

The Hot Book.

As of late been working towards compiling the short pieces in one place. This is something I’ve given the loose term of calling the ‘Hot Book.’ Aside from the side project(s), it includes everything from past [way-back-when] to present [right-this-second], in the original form along with any revisions. Is it dangerous? Nah, books, movies, pictures, and videos can’t reach out to slap you… people can though. Ideas, like weapons can only be dangerous in the hands of a person. It’s less like a book than anything. Unbound and set like a portfolio. In some manner the idea of having a hard copy for the work came up recently. And it didn’t seem like such a bad one. Although it was not mine, the logic couldn’t be argued with. After looking back I realize that there is more work than I could have ever imagined. I’m a little bit intimidated by the prospect of the future, but not enough to let it hinder me. And I’ve already decided the next challenge after the length. ??? And… there is the other side/pet project, but that’s not it.

Smoothly said…

Yesterday as I was snapping a photo someone asked me whether I would be sharing it. Posting on my Facebook? Twitpic/Yfrog? Tumblr? Which to this inquiry I smoothly said… this one is for me and that not everything is available for consumption… even by friends. They said, “But this is beautiful?” And to that I replied… “I know.” Some things are just for personal memento. It is good to keep some of it for yourself.

On that note, smoothly I will say a little more… When I started with the idea of the side [m/a] project I knew that it would have to be written under a pen name. I had approached two friends with the idea and received a mixed response. Of course it was in part positive, but they both knew what it meant, as did I. A lot of the accumulated stories from various sources including parts of my own would be up for grabs. Smoothly said… There is some truth in it, but it isn’t all mine to lay claim to. It is comprised from things that have been shared by many people I’ve met over the years in different situations. And there are instances where I’ve participated in my own way. Working it into something has been… a different challenge, although not an unpleasant one. None of it is the book. That’s altogether different and… right now just for moi. Kisses for those you love. m.

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