Saturday, September 12, 2009


HWY 5. California. 2009.

Struggling with a small case of writers block and feelings that come from the writing. I used to think it was the solitude that catches up with you. And I'm back onto some subject matter that I don't like working with, which after this no more of that. It's funny what pushes ones buttons, I've found mine. At least I know my threshold now. Well, I decided to get some air yesterday which turned out to be me getting lost at some point. That was fine by me because there was never a dull moment. Being moi, of course there were a few interesting moments. This picture happen to be one of them. I driving, mentally taking apart the story and just as I was in the middle of thinking 'what comes next' in the story, there it was: 'ALL IS NOT LOST IF SOMETHING FLOPS! Of course I turned the car around to get the picture. It gave me a laugh. Its an ad for a farmer's market or dairy called 'FLOPPY'. But in retrospect for me the universe has a sense of humor. What I got from it: If whatever happens next is a complete failure, it's not the end; Don't give up. Anyhow as soon as I finish this last tale, something will go up. Actually there may be something else instead. Don't hold me to it. m.

* Like my dirty lens?

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