Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sneak Peek: Cheap

“A phony, a copycat and a thief is still a phony, a copycat and a thief asleep, awake or in their dreams. 

You can steal words, hearts and dreams but that won't make you anymore real or in love. 

You are inauthentic like the cheap lipstick you claim is expensive and the pills you're addicted to claiming they're for your health. 

It's all for vanity you cheap cigarette smoking girl child. 

The pills, the lipstick, and the lies you're telling him so you can break his heart. 

Grow up into the mature woman you need to be. 

Being inauthentic isn't something you can wash off like red painted-on lipstick. But you can wear it well and keep pretending you enjoy being a cliché.” 

Grayson Cane - The Inauthentic Life 

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