Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hey Ms. M, I love Penguins! The Penguin House (Tokyo)

Modern Couple c/o Tyler

Are you the epitome of the Modern Couple dolls? Are you so hip it hurts not to have a dog and so you have to adopt a penguin? Well watch out for PETA when you embrace your unusual lifestyle choice but definitely don't be afraid to live in a unique home...

The Penguin House (Toyko)

"Penguin House and it was designed by architectYasuhiro Yamashita.
The most unique feature of the home is how the architect designed light to come in through various places by creating windows on all corners of the house. This helps it feel larger than it is and also helps brings the outside space in.
It covers just 322 square feet as a lot but the floor space is 899 square feet to be exact. Yamashita makes rooms feel larger by utilizing space that’s usually wasted, including a floating kitchen cabinet and the most interesting staircase." (via/TinyHouse)

House Tour

So dolls would you walk off into the sunset with your modern family and live in the Penguin House? 

Walking the Penguin c/o Tyler

Barbie thinks you would!
Kisses, m.

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