Friday, November 11, 2011

Full Intention: Extra - 11.11.11

11.11.11. Full Intention – extra. Three conversations. The unknown can only happen once. There can be only one way. One way of facing it. Needless to say the unknown is coming. Tomorrow is another day. Or is it? What do you think of the unknown? Do you embrace it? enjoy. kisses. m.

(Three Conversations)


“It’s done. Ethan’s handled it.”
“Of course it is. That’s exactly what you do when a person no longer serves your purpose.
“Are you still upset because you didn’t have the nerve? Never ask a woman to do a man’s job.”
“I didn’t have the nerve. That’s what you like to tell yourself then?”
“Don’t you ever shut up? You always have something smart to say with that smart mouth.”
“Not always, Steven.”
“Silence, that’ll be a first when I hear it.”
 “At least you made sure one person won’t be talking anymore. Why not make it two?”
“Jamie, should have minded his own business. I got what I needed but he had his own agenda.”
“And what was it that he was doing?”
“Trying to save a double crossing trick like you. And I need something from you. Not from him.”


“That’s it. How’s your head feeling?”
“It’s still attached. Thanks to you. Funny but it’s not my head I’m worried about.”
“James darling, it’s far from funny this round. She can handle herself with Steven.”
“Are you so sure? He wanted me to put a bullet in her head.”
“He was testing you. And how do I put this delicately? You failed.”
“How was I supposed to know? She is in over her head and it’s my fault. She has something…”
“To prove. Always. The position I’m in with Steven is less than predictable but he trusts me.”
“Take care of her Ethan. I have to backtrack and find another way to get there before he does.”
“Honey, if you’re serious about this then you’ll need to contact Sparrow?”
“That’s what I’m thinking. And from what I remember she won’t be happy to see me.”


“After. When is this done?”
“Before. It took you long enough to make contact. And after this you won’t ask me that again.”
“The job went south. Deep. Ethan made contact. I took his offer. And it’s all wrong. Now what?”
“Don’t do anything. That’s all for now. Do what Steven says. Just like taking candy from a baby.”
“If it were that easy. This job hits closer to home than I’d like. Jamison, tell me one thing.”
“Only one thing? I thought you’d be asking so much more by now. Ask away.”
“It was you that you contracted them, didn’t you? To cross me.”
“Of course. I needed the best from the best. And…”
“Flattery will get you no where. That’s a lie. You knew I’d save Steven.”
“MIA, I need both of you. And it has to be this way. Go with it. I’ll handle the clean up.”
“Of course you will. Orchestrating every detail. Damn you. I have to get back or he’ll notice.”

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