Tuesday, September 13, 2011



“What do you mean? Honey, I’m sitting.”
“I mean last stand. Custer made his last stand at the…”
“Is this your homework, dear?”
“Actually it is. It’s history. But can you tell me one thing?”
“Sure. What’s that?”
“Why did he, Custer make a last stand? What does that mean?”
“It means he stood his ground in battle once more.”
“Once more?
“In a matter of speaking before his side surrendered.”
“I suppose the easy way to put is because the other side wouldn’t give him a choice. They…”
“No. Why do people make stands?”                                                
“They stand for what they believe to be true about what they are doing.”
“Like the fighting during battle?”
“It isn’t so much the riot or the battle that makes a change it is the mass that came together to represent the cause. To influence others to accept the change or move forward.”
“And this works? This stand that people make works?”
“No not always. The point of standing is to support your side. Nothing more. Attacking others, killing them, threatening them won’t change a thing. Yet people do resort to that.”
“Then why bother?”
“Ah my child. These are interesting questions about something that is far beyond you. People stand for their freedoms and what is that sets them free.”
“Like what kinds of freedoms?”
“Life, love, liberty and so on. People have always protected their rights to be free. They demand to be. Simply be. It is their attainable right as a human to live freely. Something inside of them compels them to represent that cause.”
“Yes honey.”
“Someday I want to stand for something and be free. Something I believe in.”
“Someday, I hope you do stand up for something you believe in and find freedom in doing so.”

Stand. Find a cause represent it and live, love and breath doing so until the day you die. And hopefully that will be many decades off. Letting you lead a long full journey of living. Nothing more tragic than a short journey. Keep going. There is nothing in the world more devastating than giving up before you begin. As promised change is still coming and I am still writing. As I told a friend the other day… paper and pencil works. A little like pulling teeth cause you have to work but it’s just as great as a computer if not better. And I get to be outside a bit more. Enjoy. kisses, m.

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