Saturday, September 24, 2011

Put or Get?

Put up with it or get up and go.... or so eloquently told to me last night: Quit your bitchin.'

Suicide Girl Fight Club.

Quit your bitchin' is something unrelated to the present moment as it was told to me last night, but I liked the context it was used in. Cause there are very few situations in life where you either put up with it or get up and leave. And somehow this made me think of fight club. As once I said before there are very few things in this world regarding the people in it that do not remind me of fight club. People love to pick fights and bully each other. Makes not one difference if they kill someone does it? It should. Violence and threats are no way to get what you want. Just because you disagree with someone's life or what they are doing does not make it your right to harm them or threaten them. Now if you want to see a change for the better then maybe there is a better way than fighting, threatening or attacking! There usually is. Anyway...

Lately there's been a lot of traffic to one of my older posts. Suicide Girl Fight Club. It's pretty ironic because I've spent the better part of two weeks discussing Fight Club with a friend. The fighting is what people are fascinated with in the movie. And that's the part that... well it's irrelevant, although not entirely. The fighting is a metaphor. It's about escape, release, and the underlying theme of anarchy and chaos that runs rampant in the film. I've never read the book, but I think that the one quote that always sticks out for me is this one,

"Once you've lost everything you're free to do anything" 

And it rings true. You have to be able to walk away from everything to make a choice to do something new. That theme flows throughout the film. Jack is free once his apartment explodes. Society is free once the corporations are demolished. The clerk at the store is free once he quits his job, of course thanks to the menacing threat from our favorite character... tyler durden. See the idea is that... no one will get up and do something else if they are comfortable in their position. They will make excuse after excuse not to move forward unless propelled. The threat makes the man leave and do something else with his life.

Streets of Madrid. 2009.

Seems a bit harsh to threaten someone do something else with their life? In a manner of speaking yes. Yet on some level it works. I have a friend who works in a homeless shelter. He tells me that they provide a place to stay, somewhere to sleep, and  there is a soup kitchen nearby. My friend also tells me that they do not make it comfortable for the people to stay there. There is no cable TV, in fact no TV at all, there is minimal places to sleep and the plumbing is a bit precarious at times. The threat of no working plumbing, no creature comforts and so forth are meant to be an incentive to remind the people that the shelter is not home and that they should not be content or satisfied with this situation. They should strive, work and struggle for a better one. In essence quit your bitchin or do something about it. Put up with it or get up and go. You can settle for mediocrity of a temporary shelter or you can build a better life for yourself.

Sometimes there is no fight, it only seems like there is one. The message is loud and clear.


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