Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back for the hope...

Monster - Paramore

Love Paramore. Monsters. Invisible? Real? Imaginary? *Giggle. Ah a monster that steals? In the book Invisible Monsters there is a part of the story where the young jaw-less woman enters a grocer and grabs a turkey. No one does anything. No one at all. Just a small child yells and is slapped for his sheer honesty. Chuck Palahniuk perhaps captures the comedy of an odd situation better than can be explained. But the thing that has me thinking... The young woman wasn't planning on stealing a turkey. I gather that she didn't want to. In fact, I think that people often do things for different reasons than we might expect. So when you catch a monster stealing, man or woman, think to yourself... what does this monster want? Perhaps that monster... person just wants a little attention. What do you think? I think that there are better ways to get someone's attention than stealing. But to each their own. Are you a monster? What kind of monster are you? Do you steal? Hearts, money or ??? Is it for attention? And remember you can't steal what was yours already. enjoy the music. kisses. m.

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