Friday, August 5, 2011

Never Quit.

Never Quit. 2011
Never quit... Fighting in this life or the next for what's right or for what is yours is noble. However fighting and screaming matches without definition are amusing to watch from stepping back.  In fighting sometimes you may come to realize that not everything may belong to you or that right is not so far off from where you stand already. Everything, thoughts, ideas and so forth have a beginning, an imagining in our mind. Sometimes that thought is along the same wavelength as another but different. Yet there is only one way of seeing things. Our way. This can include conflict where there is none. Doesn't make it right or so. Although sometimes I've come to find that duking it out seems to work best among the men and they can shake hands afterwards. Odd but true. I also know that women tend to fight when they have a reason. Often they do without but that isn't the point. For a woman without a reason, there is no fight. But a woman with a reason will resort to anything to protect something that she cares for... her child, etc. So... never quit fighting? Sometimes a conflict or fight requires diplomacy instead of weapons to gain the needed outcome. resolution. Or simply walking away from the fight.

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