Tuesday, August 2, 2011


August and Everything After... / Counting Crows

August and everything after... As I promised as early as six weeks ago... change is coming. KA-BOOM to the known universe... this one. Huh? Meaning... The blog of course needs to change. Well, you know, in a way I'd been mentioning this on the blog for a while and it's met some resistance which is odd to me. But ch-ch-changes are a great thing. Remember nothing is ever destroyed it merely changes form. Nearly six months ago I knew I wouldn't be doing this in the same form that I'd been for much longer. The "D" men were the marathon that I 'd promised from last year and after it was complete it was clear there were the larger projects to complete. I'm going to drop a few things this month between the page changes and of course handling the big project on my plate, the script. But please do try not to let your imagination run wild... the stories are just fiction. enjoy. kisses. m.

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