Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Fort Point. SF. CA. 2009.


“Open… The door. ”
“The door’s opening. Just swinging real slow.”
“I see. It must be the wind. Would you like me to close it?”
“Nah. You ever hear about open doors?”
“Can’t say that I have.”
“It’s a shame. There’s so much an open door can tell you.”
“Really. Can you tell me a little?”
“I’ll do more than tell you a little. It’s not so much that there’s a lot to say but there’s more than a little.”
“Alright. I’ve never heard it said that way before but I know what you mean.”
“Alright, kid. Now an open door may seem like a coincidence or a man’s lazy tail needed to be yanked up but that don’t mean it’s not a good sign just the same. An open door is like an invitation to step on through. Embrace whatever rests beyond that threshold. Whether it’s daylight, nightlight or a bit of rain, the door being open means that you ought to take a chance and step through.”
“Wait. I don’t understand. I just got here and I want to sit down before I leave again.”
“Hush, child. That’s not what I’m saying. The door is telling you about an opportunity to take in. When the time is right, you’ll know it. It will call you tell you that it’s been too long.”
“I don’t know. Why did it swing so slow?”
“Ah child, the uncertainty is your fear and the swing… The swing of the door is calling you to arms. Some folks tell me that slow is sneaking in unexpected. While a rush of a door is sending you the sign that the unknown is prompting you to act. It should feel like an impulse in your skin to be sure. So child…”
“It’s wide open.”

300. Open. Ever hear anything interesting about open doors? There’s a few stories I could tell you for sure. I have a fascination with doorways, hallways, pathways, and openings. There are more than a few in my photography. They have an interesting thing about them: what’s on the other side? Only one way to find out. Leave the comforts of where you are and step out of the door. And… It’s when people are open to the unknown that the possibilities are endless.

Digressing: Today for the first time in a few days, I got truly excited by the prospect of writing or rather it was the idea of creating. It changed me. Like a jolt of energy. Although it didn’t start out so unusual, the day was a bit off to be sure. Still sick, it begin with my mastering the trick of controlling a nasty cough. Lovely feat. Anyway back to writing, I’d been a bit closed off to it for a few at my own choosing. Ah yes. Once I opened myself up to all the other possibilities, it was there.  The thing for me was remembering to remaining open to whatever may come... the similarities, the differences, and all the unknown that is. But the important thing is stepping out there into the unknown and unexplored. Have to enjoy it all. Life, love, breathing and creating in whatever form inspires... enjoy. kisses. m.

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