Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Music 70.

Across the Universe (2007)
Director: Julie Taymor

Those who want to sing will find a song... and those who want to dream will follow their heart.

Across the Universe. One of my all time favorite songs and also one of my favorite movies. Very interesting movie. The Beatles music is incorporated throughout the score. And quite often there are multiple songs layered into each other and it is incredible to hear to say the least. John Lennon lyrics still amaze me and much like Dylan's music there's a song for everyone. I've been reading a book long interview with Yoko and John, All We Are Saying. Interesting pair of people. And I've been thinking of watching Across the Universe lately as I'm finishing something extra-worldly that requires only imagination sans emotional immersion. That book business is done. Now comes fun... of change and then different fun... the unknown. Anyway, enjoy the music and the movie. live, love and breathe with each other. 

-kisses. m. 

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