Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freedom is mine and how I feel good.

Freedom is mine and how I feel good.

Freedom is mine and how I feel good.
As conspiracies unwind will you free your mind?
Let your inhibitions go make every touch electrical. 
Follow through and make these dreams come true.
You'll not rest settle for less until you
Close the door on that which you adore.
Break these walls down. I have my reasons
To dream of breaking this fixation for you.
Too long trying to resist and missed it.
It’s time for changing and cleansing everything.
Let it crumble away don't be afraid.

Change everything you are and everything you were.
Your soul will be okay, you've had enough.
All these souls that just feel alive, do.
The time has come for you. The war is overdue.
Floating in between where the worlds collided.

Come on rise up take the power back.
Truth burns deep inside and will never die.
So solid the truth burns inside of me.
Let the truth be shared break these lies.
Link yourself to it and to the world.
Blow it up, break the laws you've loved.
I'll comfort you in helping to blow it all away.

Open up your eyes and peace will arise.
You're something beautiful, a contradiction.
Everything about you is so easy to love.
Look to let hope grow in your eyes.
Cause once you promised a life without fear.
It could be wrong, it can never last.
Destroy the spineless show me that you’re real.
I just wanna look at your face in peace now.

The time has come to fight to survive.
I want to reconcile the violence. My heart
It's holding, morphing and forcing me to strive.
And I want to touch the other side.
With my heart and soul, I'm breaking out
Cause now I've got nothing left to lose 
And I won't settle for less than joy.

8 words. Muse. Thinking of Matisse. Enjoy. m.

*Track Listing.
City Of Delusion
Butterflies And Hurricanes
Time Is Running Out
Stockholm Syndrome
Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
Yes Please
In Your World
Shine Acoustic
New Born
Space Dementia
Knights Of Cydonia
Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
Sing For Absolution
Undisclosed Desires
Feeling good
Muscle Museum
Plug In Baby

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