Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who Knows.

Who Knows.

Who knows what you’re really like; I can only see what I perceive I think you to be.

Ah, but that’s the thing isn’t… Wait. I can explain. Please listen.

Before we do this let me say what I have to say. There’s no harm. Promise.

I’ve been a singer for… some time now. Let’s say “long enough” to know how this works. I'll answer all the questions for your lil ol’ magazine but they'll just twist what I’ve done or said. And that’s not what I want to see. So hear me out.

No. I’m not rejecting you. You have to give someone a chance to reject you before you go off and get yourself offended. Your interview, your words, and anything you as a person represent I’m willing to entertain but I am asking that you listen to what I have to say before you take what you need and let them use it.

So sit down, treat me like your friend and tell me the truth. Go on love. Let’s have it.

Sit. Better. Shall we begin?

Can I smoke? Of course you can have one.

What’s their angle? Don’t play coy.

I see. That’s what they think I’m up to this week. It’s not always sex or money or even booze.

That’s the big mystery? People are always guessing to know more about the inside out of a person instead of realizing it’s only the outside in they’re getting.

What about you? Hold on. Let me tell you about you. Since you've been kind enough to listen I’ll demonstrate my point. You’re middle … scratch that lower class bred, living in a basement at your mama’s and there’s no money to waste time with.

Oh I know it's anything but true, but how does that feel?

300. Who knows? Better question… who does know? The only thing I know is that you have to give people a chance to let you down. Snapping their heads off before giving them a chance or mistreating them for not being able to read your mind is no way to get anywhere. And making someone's pain or situation about you isn't going to get you anywhere either. Yet judgment comes first. This is learned from society as a whole.

Seldom do we, society at large, truly know what is happening on the other side of things for someone. It’s easier to watch events and people unfold from newspaper, the tv, internet or etc and assume their actions are simply… you don’t know the truth what is happening only that it’s what is seen and that makes it open to opinion. I wish this were limited to celebrity, but it’s now apparent that people judge each other via texting, tweeting, and social networking. Family and friend squabbles become public for viewing pleasure. Will facebook become the new TV Talk show for this generation? This is hardly a lecture. I’m just as much to blame when I watch unwed teenage mothers on MTV. I rarely have “no judgment” about what I’m seeing there. I don't think their lives are appropriate television or meant to be open for judgement. Yet there is so much more to events than people think.

The world and all the people in it are oddly connected yet so far apart. You have two choices in this world. You can be there for those who need you in your life and stand by their side when they are in need or you can waste your tears on wondering why the world is happening to you.  Anyway... digressed. Be kind to and enjoy each other. Live, love and breathe.  kisses. m.

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