Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Artist Chronicles: Chapter 2 - The Artist Passes Judges on the Damned, A Love Letter

The Damned deserve nothing…

My dearest Clementine, my darling, my adored,

It has been too long since I’ve seen those lovely eyes of yours. And I’ve seen many eyes since we’ve parted though none can quite capture the same passion for life. Even now as I write this there’s a jar to my right with a plethora of green pupils. None can quite match the brilliance of yours. I can only imagine the flecks of light that sparkle within the green pools of color when my thoughts shift to the notion that there is pain in that gaze. Understandably it would be from my own actions that an ounce of saline would fall upon your face.

Think not of me as a monster for my absence. Nor should you feel the need to defend me to anyone. I’m hardly the unspeakable creature that they’ve painted me out to be. Those who truly understand my work will see its honorable merits. For what do the damned deserve? The damned deserve nothing more than the swift reward of pain. They’ve inflicted pain and it is meant that they should meet their end by the sins that consumed them. You’ve been right to encourage and support my mission of cleansing the filth. I thank you for the very weapons, the knives that sit beside me always. Your gifts have made my job more efficient and you will see the impact they have on my craft.

As by now you’ve already received the boxed gifts I’ve sent with my letter. They were attained by the means of your newly furnished tools. My creative hands now belong to your open arms. Please darling, think nothing more of these small tokens than as an expression of my affection. Their beauty was hard to miss and instantly reminded me of you. Please understand that such gifts pale in comparison to your shining grace. The voice of an angel falls short of your lovely voice, yet I can think of no other way to be reminded of yours than to cut out a tongue. Words of sin shall no longer afflict this tongue while it is in your care. In place of my own, I send these two capable hands; yours to hold in place of mine. I envy that they shall touch the soft smooth skin I must live without. They are all that I can send to you while mine are inexplicably tied to the remaining death that must be dealt. Lastly you will find a set of brown eyes, think of them as a small gesture to remind you I’m always there to look upon you. You can only imagine the pain it fills me with to remain far from your side. It is not by choice that I am away…

Darling, I have heard the news and continued to follow word by your correspondence and wire. There has been great speculation whether I have been apprehended. As by my own word and actions please let me put those rumors to rest for your troubled mind and continue to extend the only veritable truth; My own.

Dearest, I remain a free man. Continue to think of me as an Artist deeply committed to his work. The only regret I have is that my work continues to drive me from your open arms. I cannot deny that this distance troubles my mind as well. The last words of correspondence from you indicated that there was an armed man immediately at your front door after my departure. I cannot begin to apologize for any discomfort that may have caused you or your mother. It was not my intention to further drag you into these matters. Detective Tafal has nothing more pressing on his agenda than to bother the innocents while ignoring the filth that runs rampant throughout the streets. That is truly the hands of the law hard at work. The very notion that you’ve been harassed makes my insides sick. With my last breath I will make certain that Tafal and his men pay for this intrusion into your home.

My darling this absence will continue as long as there is filth to be cleansed. There will continue to be work for my hands as long as Tafal, his blue boys and goons refuse to see the obvious trash that masquerades as good people of society. It never ceases to amaze me; those sins that fill the hearts of men. For as long as there is a need for justice it is imperative that I continue in this manner. Without your understanding I could not continue to be the creator that I am. Thank you my love, my Clementine.

Your eternal artist,

Your Beloved.

What kind of love letter might a Serial Killer send? Why not? Serial Killers might fall in love. Of course what they might send to their beloved's as tokens of their affections might be better left for speculation. Written in blood with a finger enclosed? Or maybe an arm or a leg? “Look what I killed for you honey!” Oh my! All joking aside, I do happen to find serial killers to be fascinating subject matter. Unless you are one I suppose. Then it’s like living in the zoo and people taking pictures while they poke at you. Anyhow, this borrows from a little older [I want my pain...]  which borrows a quote from Easton-Ellis. I’ve been juggling this notion of old and new all week while getting down with my projects… among other things. enjoy, kisses. m.

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