Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Space: Can Anybody Hear Me?

Can Anybody Hear Me?

Scout. First log entry. The date is unknown. Current Mission: Pandemonium

Can anybody hear me?  Those were the last words out of my mouth before the freighter picked up my emergency beacon and towed me on board. Outside of my own screams, I wondered if anyone did until then. It’s been two days since a manned operation unit out of Russian space found me. Their mission was complete reconnaissance and it seemed fated that I take advantage of their hospitality. It was a shame when the two men on board disagreed with my decision to change our course. I had to show them my own little way of handling mutiny. Air-locking the captain worked wonders on the first mate’s attitude.  The effort he brought to the table on the charts was amazing. I wouldn’t have even seen Lander 5 break its path and head toward Mars without his help. Finding Lander 7 was like a lightning bolt. Because tracking L7 wasn’t the easiest thing. But once he nailed it I knew exactly where I was heading. Fresh ammo and a new ship to finish what I started. Needless to say he wasn’t much help after entering our new navigational coordinates into the helm. He gladly went outside for walk to get a little air afterwards. To each their own. I’m almost done borrowing this ride. It moves slower than walking and even now as I lift the hatch on the bay module I can see that there’s little to no chance I can keep this thing powered for much longer. Can't land or dock on L7. The ship will not make it. Sensors continue to monitor several probes jettisoning from the rear dock. There’s a slim chance I’ll reach the bay suited. Willing to risk it.

Scout. Initiating Pandemonium. Out.

300. Space. Extra. Oh yeah, I’m about to let loose this week... writing too many things. Spinning table can be hectic but it’s ever so fun as it does not interfere with the living. One of the other projects is Sci-Fi related and I’m completely absolutely 100% excited for it. It’s pressed me into an interesting creative corner and all I will say is… You will have to wait. It’s more than top secret. I’ve almost sworn people to disclosure agreements. In the meantime prepare for more of this one. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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