Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where oh Where?

Where oh Where?
San Francisco Edition.

who's driving? Golden Gate. SF. 2007

Some places come and go and some never change. Have you ever been on the Golden Gate bridge?

Another week has come and gone.  And as this memorial day weekend winds down I’m reminded that weekends are the highpoint for most people. Some are at amazing BBQs while others are camping, some I’ve heard are even spending it by the pool. Live it up. You know the song… Everybody’s working for the weekend. You earned it. Enjoy.

Friday night’s all right for dancing while Saturday is for fighting? Not at all. It was Saturday on a night like this last weekend and that’s exactly what I was doing… DANCING.


Where oh where can you find yourself surrounded by a sea of amazingly hot men, watch a stage filled with scantily clad bodies move to pulsating rhythms in aerial formations, and listen to a vocal performance by one of the world’s most renowned fabulous Ms. M’s? At the stage show Aphrodite by none other than one of 
the originals, the undeniably amazing, Ms. Kylie Minogue.

Kylie came to San Francisco ready to set the town on fire and that she did. The stage presentation was pulled together by a theme of epic Greek proportions. A mock coliseum was filled with dancers, musicians, acrobats and costumes galore. 
The incomparable Ms. Minogue danced and sang her way 
into the hearts of every audience member. 

Between the many songs and light changes Kylie never missed a mark to provide a witty banter with her loving audience, going so far as to take a couple of song requests as well as thank her dancers and musicians for their extra efforts. Never a dull moment, the costume changes were a plenty, the hair and make-up was to die for and the eye candy on stage never went unnoticed. Overall the musical highlights for the evening had to be a cover of Eurythmics “Angel” that included a handful of dreamy man candy sent from heaven above, wings and all, a rocking version of “Can’t get you outta my head” and a devilishly seductive version of “Slow” among the many songs in the Kylie repertoire. And San Francisco remember this… YOUR DISCO NEEDS YOU!

Now you hear San Francisco, you think Ghiradelli Square, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Warf and maybe bread bowl? What do I think? There’s more to be seen than the lights of Alcatraz. And seeing is exactly what I did last Sunday night.

Battlestar Galactica CockTailGate.

All this has happened before.
All this will happen again.

Where oh where do you find a barrage of Cylons pole dancing alongside a girl named Starbuck that has nothing to do with coffee while a robot tells you where to stick it cause she needs a little love? Well honey’s if you’ve been missing Battlestar Galactica since it went off the air, and the newly cancelled Caprica has you blue then you do what I did and head on down to Rebel in San Francisco and find yourself attending Battlstar Galactica CockTailGate. What is that Ms. M? Do pray tell us? Alright honeys, but consider yourselves warned this may be a whole lotta something to shake your something at. And I ain’t talking about tailfeathers. This party is 100%  incognito ala fabulous drag. And the Queens will make your silly little MAC make-up tricks look like high school Revlon. Rarely do I step out for the occasional Drag Show but since it was robots, sci-fi, hair and make-up oh my! Of course I had to attend.

CockTailGate is a recurring event that rotates from bar to club to bar to club throughout SF. The event is hosted the fabulous Suppositori Spelling and she holds her own with a hell of a lot of tongue and cheek. Perhaps more beautiful than the real thing. And a dream to talk to. Lovely show honey! Now the art of Drag. Typically the drag performer is a male to female transformation. However this particular occasion the crowd and the performers were mixed. A female to female cover of the infamous Starbuck. Loved her! Let me see, the night began with a mixer of true blue fans of BSG dressed with the replicated civies worn by the crew of Galatica. If you don’t know black and grey tanks alongside holsters and dog tags. The night was brief with around a half-dozen performances. The highlights involved  Caprica 6 undressing a very eager Mr. Baltar, and my favorite a scene played out with Starbuck, Apollo, and Caprica 6 that was acted out and lip serviced well. Traditionally I recommend you step out of the box and enjoy new things, especially cause you never know! But if CockTailGate sounds like it might ruffle your  feathers, make a quick rental of Priscilla, tune into Drag Race and see what goes into a show. It won’t hurt one bit and no one has to know. Kisses.

Back to another week. This week. On a personal note, I’m starting this week behind on many things. Life presented a snag in the fabric. A detail unseen and fortunately it wasn’t worse for the wear this round. There will come a moment soon when I will have to step back for a week. Right now I’m “doing” which is what I do best in any water landing.

San Francisco you are always a pleasure. If you’ve never spent a day in my city… give it a whirl. Be sure not to forget your heart when you visit. Unless you plan on returning. Where oh where will I be next?

Kisses. m.

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