Monday, May 16, 2011

What You know.

What you Know - Two Door Cinema Club

What do you know? What do any of us know? Ask someone to tell you and they might say they knew it all along. They don't know, unless they are you. 

It is interesting when someone can remind you of "who you are" by pressing that you take a look back. "Take a look back" he tells me. "Go on, you'll see what I see if you step out of yourself." I'm reminded how very much of a visual person I am and how much I used to love expressing myself through visuals to others. 

Why not have a look back yourselves? What do you think your past will tell you? Why not?

People ought to look back on occasion. It's not that you can change what has been said or done. As a person with almost-photographic memory I can say that words, sounds and images never completely leave the brain. Anyone can recall anything, but must be willing to put in the effort to conjure it up. It is there, simply waiting for you remember. Just don't think "how you remember" events is the same as another person. It is not. That is perspective. Anyway, the music Two Door Cinema Club. Reminds me a bit of Hot Chip. Coincidence? You decide. Have a listen. Look back with caution. You can't live there. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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