Tuesday, May 17, 2011



You’re not gonna get very far if you’re looking for love. I don’t believe this. But that’s what I’m hearing tonight from the man at the bar. He can’t believe I’m wasting my time with her. I tell him not to worry. It’s just a couple of drinks. Nothing really. He says he knows my kind. The same kind that falls in love at least three times a day. I tell him if I’m lucky… only three usually it’s five times. He laughs with me getting the joke. I buy him a drink before returning back to her.

She’s easy on the eyes and has a smile like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t help but notice she doesn’t look at me when I’m talking. Not the same way I’m watching her. And I can’t stop watching her. She’s watching the door, the floor and the back corridor. Head turns and she’s licking her lips. Soft wet lips that are toying with the cherry in her Midori Sour. Bright green sets off that fire engine red like a neon sign. Every syllable makes me swim deeper and deeper in the thought of kissing those fiery red lips.

From the first moment I laid eyes on her I couldn’t help but think of kissing her. That magic moment when I knew I’d never meet her then she walked up and said hello. “You can call me Daja.” So I offered to buy her a drink. Tells me I’m absolutely delicious beneath the dimmed lights. “Divinely delectable.” Then she licks those red lips and smiles before agreeing.

Daja isn’t sitting for much longer after we finish the second round of drinks. I try to leave and she stops me by feigning sadness over my absence.
“Don’t go,” she says.
“I’m only going to the bar. We need more drinks.”
“I don’t need another drink. I just need you.”
“Alright. Tell me what you want from me.”
“Right now, I want you… to sit with me.”
“Why not? Sit.”
But something has her attention. Within minutes she is excusing herself and off to the ladies room. I don’t know why she made me stay. I think I see her talking to someone in the tight expanse of the back corridor, but it’s much too dark. There are bright red lips leaning inward with arms circled around a tall dark body. But it could be anyone. I get up to get another round of drinks.

“She’s not the kind of girl you’re used to.” Pipes up the old man once again. He‘s nursing another long neck and I’m ordering another round. I tell him to explain. Says she just the kind for the evening. A bird that flies at night if I get his drift. I ask him what exactly is drift is. He says that there’s more to be seen by the likes of my kind. I nod and turn my head. The bartender tells me to keep it down and wait my turn. I look around for Daja. She isn’t back yet. I’m reminded to mind my own business in the company of strangers.
“Don’t be stubborn, now” he speaks up again.
“Yeah,” I try to speak without an attitude, but it’s hard to miss.
“Yeah that bird ain’t the scene. Watch your step around that one. She’s a bit wild.”
“Good to know. Thanks for the advice. Bartender those drinks?”
Bartender ignores me and keeps after the other patrons. Daja is no where to be seen. My strange friend keeps on talking. There’s a ruckus in the back of the bar, but the old man stops me quick.
“Listen up. Listen good. Better men haven’t been the same since she got her claws into em.”
“Tell me the truth. Ever been in trouble? Cause that’s trouble.”
I shake my head, but he keeps on talking. Rumors and tales. I’m not hearing much, but it keeps coming. Hospitals, homicides and suicides. He goes through at least ten or more before I’ve had enough. Cause this last one has a pair of teeth in that bites into my head. Literally.

There’s something unmistakable about her teeth. I’ve been seeing it all night. I can’t completely put my finger on it, but it is completely captivating. The way she curls her tongue against the front and makes a whistle sound with her ‘esses’ is not like anything else. Far from displeasing like a lisp. Intoxicating. I think that’s why I prefer her talking. I’m absolutely hypnotized by it. Nothing I could say could be interesting. Even talking about her bubble gum flavored Tic-Tacs is captivating. All I can see is her mouth move. When it makes the shape of an ‘o’ it’s more than arousing. When she moves her lips everything I’m supposed to be thinking about is no longer important. I’d burn down the building if she asked me to. Hell, I’d kill the bartender if she asked me to. I want those lips. I want to tear them off her face and eat them I'm so sick with desire. I can taste her kiss.

Daja has her bright red lips wrapped around my neck in a tiny grip. Those lovely incisors are creating just enough pain for me to enjoy it. She reminds me we don’t need drinks. I agree and walk away. We aren’t in love, but this is more than just a few drinks among strangers. I ask her about the bathroom. She smiles and talks about a line. I just keeping nodding and we leave. I don’t know why we’re leaving. Daja keeps saying “Come on.”

There’s a commotion as we exit the bar. No one is watching us leave. There’s the shrill sound of several women screaming as we walk out into the parking lot. I’m watching her lips. Not her face. Just those lips. Focused. It doesn’t matter that her lipstick is smeared. Or that there’s a spot of something on her forehead. She’s watching me walk. Watching me steady, with a desire in her eye. Watching me the same way I was watching her glide through the bar earlier. I try thinking if she was there already and I can’t remember. That moment before her lips seems to go all fuzzy. Fuzzy like the light outside of a misty window. Not quite clear, but you know its day or night by the shape of the shadows.

She laughs and tells me “I’m hungry.”
“Let’s get something to eat.”
“Alright honey, how about right now?”
“There’s nothing here.”
“Oh. Don’t be silly. Of course there is.”
She looks me up and down then makes that “o” with her lips. That captivating outline. Enticing. It’s all over with again. I’m nodding. Listening.
“Now honey, you’re gonna come with me and let me have a tiny nibble on that lovely body of yours.”
“Yes. I will.”

It hurts so bad to hear the words, but I can help but go along with it. I could walk away but I don't want to. I’m hers and she knows it. That pretty smile and red lips. Lips I want to taste. Need to taste. I’m following her deeper and deeper into the nothingness of the night. I forget about my car. Forget I have a name. I just want to go with her. I want her to take a taste. It’s ok.

There’s nothing sinister about it. We’re walking in the dark until I’m completely enticed in a paralysis. Frozen as Deja undresses me like a peeling the skin off of a chicken breast. Once bare, she takes those pretty teeth and sinks them into me. It isn’t my neck or mouth she wants. I still want those lips. Completely aroused by their movements. I want them to chew off my face. But that’s not what she’s doing. I can’t help the satisfaction I’m getting as she devours my flesh. It’s absolutely gratifying and I want her to keep going. Keep tasting.

Piece after piece, paring as she makes her way up and down. Tasting. It’s intoxicating. I can feel everything. There’s nothing but those red lips. In this moment I don’t exist. I’m where I need to be. My body aches and twinges as she works. But I don’t want her to stop. More fulfilling than anything else. Those teeth are hypnotic. Every one of them. Razor sharp. Special. White. Brighter in the dark than the light. Something about them is still the same. I can’t place it. Smiling bright red lips look my direction. They’re slowing. I can’t see her face. I don’t care. Just those lips. I want them more than I did earlier. My mind is running towards it. Calling me. Closer. In my reach. A taste. A touch. A kiss. I’m alive by those lips. She’s done. I’m satisfied. I don’t believe it… Nothing else matters.

Taste. What's your taste in the opposite sex or the same sex? How often does it change? How quickly do you discard and move onto the next person? Or do you even wait to tell them that you are leaving? Believe or not the answers to those questions speak volumes about a person's character. Now, I wish I could say those questions are limited to men, but they very much include women. I also wish I could say I am a master at understanding human nature. Sadly I am not. People can still shock the hell out of me too. But it's Ok. 

If you're not looking for something to invest yourself in that's alright. Make certain the other person wants the same thing you do. Be up front with what you want and you might just get it. One night sounds like fun? Ask the guy or girl. But don't beat around the bush and pretend anything else. Otherwise someone will get hurt. Now if you want any type of committed relationship here's the REAL you need to remember: People who care, who really care, stick around. This isn't limited to those people you are dating, lived with, and/or married now divorced. If someone in your life cares they stick around. I can tell you this with certainty. And you'll be surprised to find that people who go through relationships like they are shoes and accessories or material objects tend to go through friends and family just as easily. 

Ladies, you can't simply wash or cut a man or woman out of your hair. If only it were that easy. Men, just the same there is no easy answer to getting over a woman or man. And sometimes I think that "you men" are more sensitive and there isn't a way for me to understand that. I would love to be able to, but as a woman I can not. For my friends with the heartbreak, the feeling passes. Love starts and ends, sometimes it lasts. You are all better people for putting love in the world to begin with. 
Don't sweat the people that discard you. You are all so much better off lovelies. Chin up and keep moving while you recover. Onto the next person isn't always the best thing. You will find your places in this world. And if you're lucky one day next to the right person. If not you will keep on loving along the way. We are all different and exactly the same. Being different is not a setback. It is a powerful tool. Utilize it!  enjoy the story if you've never read it. have a wonderful day... I know I will. kisses. m.

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