Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Say When.

Say When.

“Say when! You want some more little girl?”
“Let me go. Now!”
“Let go? That’s cheating. Just wait. I’ll give it to you and you’ll be sorry.”
“I’m sorry let go.”
“Sorry? Ha! Only little girls are sorry. You’re sorry little girl? Don’t’ make me laugh. Keep saying it!”
“Let fucking go. This shit hurts. What the fuck dude? Seriously brah?”
“GIRLIE! Man up bro. Tell me to let go! Say it! “
“I’m totally saying it! When! And I’m not a girl for calling it!”
“You’re not? Are you sure about that? Men take it. Take that!”
“You are such a jerk. Let me go! I’m tired of your BULL. Let GO!!! Damn IT!”
“Whoa! Whoa now! Bro, chill out. Look if you’re gonna be a little girl, and cry about it then fine. See I let go.”
“I am not crying about it! Shut the fuck up!”
“Seriously do you feel like a man? After all this…”
“Fuck you. You skeevy monkey raping back alley inbred piece of shit.”
“Oh talking more shit. Are you suicidal?
“Maybe I am! Bring it!”
“I’m gonna take YOU DOWN! “
“Like I said. If you bring it… A trashy piece of filth like you…”
“A little Mary like you can’t fight, why try? Give up!”
“You wish. Let me show you what’s what you assh…”
“I’m shaking in my boots, little man-boy. Come on… Let’s go.”
“You should be shaking. I’m ready whenever you are. There’s no way you’ll bring it. I bet you’re nothing but a coward.”
 “Coward? Would a coward do this? Take it!”
“OW!! OW!! DAMN!”
“Say when!”
“Screw you! I’ll never…”
“Not you or your mother. Even if she begged… Say it!
“Go ahead!”
“Say when!”
“To hell with you. Never!”
“Have it your way little girl!”

Say when.  Used to play this game “Uncle” with some good friends as a kid. Most of the time when watching the boys play this game with each other, I never understood it.  Cause of course the boys were rougher on each other. but the boys must have liked it cause they enjoyed themselves. Let me tell you that it does in fact hurt. Anyhow, completely unrelated to the story... if you don’t say when you want something you may never get it.  Kisses. enjoy. m.

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