Saturday, May 28, 2011

L-O-V-E and Infatuation.

L-O-V-E / Fisher

I love this song. It’s a cover of a Nat King Cole song. The band… Fisher. Found them in a car commercial many years ago. LOVELY! A little dated but check them out. Worth a listen.

Anyhow, I’m working but thought why not take a breather. Spread a little love for anyone who needs it on a Saturday night. Cause all I can think to spread is the love. "Always love. Hate will get you every time." *wink for any lonely hearts, the song is dedicated to all of you. Everyone is lovely. Even when it seems like no one sees it... still lovely. It’s there. True love is blind to imperfection. It sees only love. Promise.

Needless to say that I love to share anecdotes about those around me with others as a means of perspective. If you recall I mentioned speaking with quite a few people some weeks back. Lovely chit-chatters. Needless to say they all want love, have love and some still don't like love. I was beside myself with all the miserable talk thinking that they have better things to do with their time than be unhappy about something they aren't ready for. I kept saying “ If that's what you want then why are you stopping yourself from letting it happen? let it happen.” I tell them: do what you want, why hold yourself back. Stop fighting yourself. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. Go on.

Now not all are miserable, some have found it while the others have not. Those with the love…Ah yes, there is a couple and it’s their first time so I’m watching and remembering how it all felt once. Those changes you see in the couple. Do you remember your first love?

Love changes the world. The same with compassion and hope. It’s good or sometimes bad, but it’s there. But it’s not always fair in the world. So of course there are those without love and their eyes are stewing with green. I still have to say that a few of them are not ready for it. Meaning? It isn't about body parts, or perfection, and… It doesn't happen overnight. They think MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW without being open to it. And let me tell you something, it doesn't happen like that. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to a romantic ballad. Those things swim with the notion that perhaps it does. The thing with that stuff, it's not entirely wrong. Something does happen instantly and it is and isn't exactly love.

It’s the beginning of love. The potential.

It happens when you meet someone new and instantly are drawn to each other. New friends are infatuated with each other but it's a bit different. Do you remember meeting your best friend as a kid? It's like that but as kids it’s not a romantic connection. Except with the beginning of those love tingly feelings it's called romantic infatuation. Still the same you can't get enough of each other's company. There are levels to romantic infatuation or attraction that can lead all the way up and down to lust. Now I'm not saying there isn't love or romance out there because of that. It means when you are infatuated that more can come of it when you are open to that idea. I'm a romantic and believe that people who want something more than infatuation, can make that happen. And as a realist I'm not saying there is anything wrong with lust. That is fine and dandy but never mistake that for true love. Lust burns stronger and faster than a light bulb. Worth it? Can't say unless you know. How will you? you know when you know. Back to those couples, the ones that want the old and gray years together... It takes time for something to grow from instant attraction to feelings of love. No BS here... If you want to complain then do it and waste your energy. If not listen... Before you toss someone aside because they’ve lost their flavor of new remember this…

If you want a rose garden you have to plant some seeds. And ultimately expect to put a little work in tending the garden. Nothing grows if you don't give it a little TLC. And if you want wildflowers they're out along the road, free for picking and there's nothing wrong with that.

And remember you’re only a lonely heart if you want to be. No one ever tells you to wear that label. If they do, who are they to tell you anything. enjoy the song. something fun coming. kisses. m.

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