Friday, May 13, 2011

Have… will travel?

Have… will travel?

Have need… will travel? The road trip season has begun. And as most of my friends know I LOVE TO DRIVE!

Lost Hwy 99. Night. 2011.
Night is pretty interesting driving as you can see.

Have camera will travel? YES. More than anything I do love my field trips with the camera. As of late I do not have a camera but I still love to play nonetheless. For the moment my IPhone has been exceptionally friendly. And as you can see I thought why not share another behind the wheel shot. I do love shooting from that perspective.

Have gun will travel? Not exactly. Never. As a woman that sometimes travels alone I might feel the need to protect myself but I don’t or plan to tote around a gun. Now I do carry a few accoutrements for my trips but none of which could be mistaken as weaponry. Lately, I’ve had to keep a handy box cutter in my purse to fill in for a pocket knife in a couple instances. Cutting out the wire in your bra can be tricky, necessary in a pinch and a long story that I shall have to share one day. Any ladies ever have to do that? If you have then you know what I mean when I say “tricky.”

Have love will travel? Actually yes I have once or twice in the distant past played that mutual game of commuting for the affection of someone. Last time I checked a few people out there have done that thing too. Some like to fly instead of drive. There’s nothing wrong with those people. Let them be. It takes work to keep a relationship together and I love to see people trying with each other. Anyway I’m always willing to travel for the love of music. And over the course of the last four months, I’ve been lucky enough to do so.

It has been a very excellent year this far. The trips have gotten bigger and will continue to grow. Thus far I’ve lovingly dubbed it the “year of the show” because it’s been nonstop since January kicked off.

Blaqk Audio. January 2011.
I’ve talked with a few of my friends and they’ve told me their plans for hitting the road this year. Some will go here. Others will go there. Some will take a train. Others will take a plane. On a boat? But will it float? Oh dear. Hmm… Have any hitting the road trip plans? Come on now, everyone needs a least one adventure.

-kisses. m.

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