Sunday, May 15, 2011



“Is it hard yet?”
“No. In a hurry?”
“Well, I-I-I”
“Impatient woman, honestly is that all you’re concerned with?”
“No cruel man.”
“You love it. And there are other things that we can do instead.”
“Instead of?”
“I liked what you were doing before you started talking.”
“Oh that thing. With my hand?”
 “And the part where you...”
“…Then I put it in my mouth.”
“Exactly. We could do that again.”

“Are you sure it’s not hard?”
“Pretty sure. Why?”
“It’s always that again…”
“It’s not the same without… you know?”
“Nope, don’t know what you mean.”
“How could you? You’re always running off before we ever have…”
“What do you mean?”
“Last time, I had to wait all by myself. Then you just showed up when it was hard.”
“I’m sorry. But it’s not like that this time.”
“No it isn’t. So, you really like it when I put my hand in there and put it in my mouth?”
“I liked that a lot. My mouth wants another taste this time.”
“Oh, that can be arranged.”

“Is it ready yet?”
“Hard? No. Take a look for yourself.”
“I can’t tell. It looks hard. You’re just saying it’s not to play with me.”
“Is that what you really think? You think too much. Go on, have a feel then.”
“Fine. I will. And…”
“You better not enjoy this.”
“You can’t tell me what to do. I'll make no such promises.”

 “It’s not hard.”
“I didn’t catch that.”
“Like I said.”
“Is there anything I can do to help things along?”
“None that I can think of but I did enjoy eating whip cream off your fingers.”
“Again. But don’t think about it and the Jello will be ready soon.”

300. Hard. Sometimes you can’t get it up. And sometimes you can. That’s just how it is. Men, sorry for the analogy but that’s life. And women won’t say it, but they can’t get it up sometimes either. Sorry to spill it ladies. Anyway, had a fun week off, mostly thanks to the fabulous people at blogger working overtime to make this a beautiful world. You know moi I always keep on keeping on, but y’all better promise to do the same and... Enjoy it ALL! The day, the night and the inbetween! Keep loving, living, and breathing. It's too long and too short lovelies. KISSES! m.

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