Monday, April 25, 2011



“And they lived happily ever after… Someday.
“Yes my love.”
“Mommy, when will I live happily ever after?”
“Honey, it’s a story.”
“Mommy! You said someday.”
“We talked about this the last time I told that story.”
“Then tell me like you did last time. Tell me about my someday.”
“Alright my little lamb. What do you want to hear about your someday?”
“Mommy, tell me… Will I meet a prince someday?”
“Of course my darling you will. But he probably won't look like a storybook prince when you meet him.”
“Then what will he look like?”
“He’ll be exactly what you’re looking for when you meet him. Handsome. Charming. It simply won’t matter that he isn't from a storybook.”
“Oh Mommy, you’re silly. Tell me will he be rich?”
“Rich! Where do you get these things?”
“Grampy says I can’t runaway and marry a man without any money or he’ll be a bum.”
“I see. I’ll have to talk with Grampy about this. Honey, your prince someday, the one who isn’t exactly a prince, will be rich in ways that money can’t compare.”
“Ooh, he sounds dreamy. Mommy, tell me more.”
“Well, someday before you meet your prince…”
“Are you going to let me finish?”
“Before you meet your prince there are things you will do. You will finish school then become a fabulously amazing woman with the ability to make your own money. You will take care of yourself instead of worrying about those bums that Grampy tells you about. You will be beautiful, strong and more capable than any princess in a story and live happily ever after someday. And...”
“Once you’ve done those things you will meet your prince. But remember…”
“Remember what?”
“It’s only a story. Someday is up to you.”

300. Someday. This may be a reason to escape the darker material I’ve immersed myself into. This might be because I’ve been helping two star-crossed people find a way to make a connection. This may be because I’ve had the song “someday we’ll be together” stuck in my head all day from the get go. (*I’m blaming the star-crossed lovers for that one. it's their theme song.) This could possibly be because I’ve had my limit with people who aren’t ready for love and need a reason to discard someone before they ever start. Look whatever it may, might or could be, I’m not gonna BS on the love stuff. It’s really up to you. And I’ll be honest… You aren’t ready for love if its faces, breasts, hands and feet that you’re looking at. The person of your dreams, waking or sleeping, will happen to have exactly what you’re looking for when you come across them… someday. And you’ll know it. Have to keep looking and you'll find what you're looking for. Because true love is blind. So in the words of Diana Ross… “You can’t hurry love.” If you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Give it time. Just remember that “Someday” is completely up to you. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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