Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Whoo boy! Did you see that piece of… Woman? What say you Sonny? Damn right she’s a beauty. There ain’t many pieces like that around here. Let me tell you, when I was your age they didn’t make 'em like that. Whoo-ee! Did you see that? Whoa Sonny, she’s looking straight you. You ought to do something. Go on now. Why? Cause she’s a Prime Grade A choice cut piece of meat. And I, myself wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of that. HEY! Calm down there. I didn’t mean no harm by saying none of that.  Come now, even if you’re a gentleman that’s a WOMAN to make you stand up a little taller and pay attention. W-O-M-A-N and hear her roar cause she’s roaring at you. Every step that she takes sends a thousand movements throughout her body. All those impulses race to send out pure animalistic energy when she walks. And sure as you stand there next to me all self-righteous, you are thinking what I am. What’s that? You’re thinking “Damn that’s a fine piece of a….” Excuse me? Before you start begging there’s no need to pardon your thinking. Why? There is nothing worse than a man denying himself what he wants to think or feel. Ain’t that the truth? That woman can’t hear you think it, but I bet she wouldn’t mind it so much if you wanted to tell her about it. About what? If you were to tell that woman what a magnificent creature she is, she would appreciate your unique insight. See that’s the thing about women they want to be reminded they’re amazing, beautiful and completely irresistible. Sonny, before she walks away you might want to tell that hot piece of woman exactly what you’re thinking. Uhmm-hmm! Go on now.

300. Piece. Some people like pieces and parts. Most people do find the pieces great for admiring. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even I have my own preferences for pieces. However, I prefer mine come from a whole package otherwise I personally find that they are quite incomplete and lacking anything more. Cause if it’s pieces you’re after there’s one thing you have to understand… that’s all they are. They are merely the separate pieces of a whole. You can’t expect them to be more than what they are. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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