Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The D Chronicles Vol 1 - (Men): Doll

Evan Peters w/ Doll c/o tylershields.com 2012

Happy morning. Classical is playing and the words are being written. But it is morning, isn't it? Confused about this newly fresh neverwhere cycle that has a hold on me.  Anyway… Real is better than fake any day. This is a little bit of naughty and inappropriate. Make up your own minds. enjoy. kisses. m.


Stephen Collins was a man without a sense of adventure and lacked completely for imagination when it came to trying anything new. He was never one for doing the things that other people might do out of thrill instead opting to follow the instructions in any situation whenever possible. Anything that might be a risk automatically made his stomach sick with worry so he avoided them. For that reason it came as quite a shock that Friday afternoon when Stephen Collins took it upon himself to experiment with something new.

Stephen Collins looked over at the door after the knock came. It wasn’t the first time he’d ordered something and had it delivered. So many times before he had purchased items and had them delivered, but nothing like this. Stephen had always wondered about the kinds of people that ordered these things. Although he knew he was, Stephen couldn’t seem to bring himself to admit that he was now one of those people.

Over the phone he heard it. A snicker. It slipped out of the mouth of the man at the store while he was placing the order. The man snickered when Stephen asked about the specifics of his purchase. He was being completely serious but the voice on the other end didn’t believe his sincerity. This made Stephen wonder more so. He wondered whether other men were concerned with depth, texture, or smell the same way he was or if they had bothered to ask at all. The voice on the other end of the line begins to change when Stephen mentions life-like. After he confirms it the voice chokes back a laugh before agreeing to make sure it happens “today” and repeats “life-like” once more.

From the corner of his eye he could see the box. It was larger than he would have liked but smaller than he had imagined. Although Stephen questioned the authenticity of product, the box hadn’t come with a picture for comparison or identification of model. There was no way what came inside was ready to be handled. It would require some assembly before continuing on.

Assembly required little instruction and so very quickly it was through with just a slight glance at the pamphlet.

Sitting across from Stephen rested the fine specimen of life-like female anatomy. Beneath her long dark hair, she wore nothing but a slight smile that accompanied her pink blushing cheeks. The perfect shape of her lips was colored a red that sent Stephen spinning. The blood rushed to his face before he realized the wave of embarrassment. He hadn’t planned on this experiment being so close to real when it crossed his mind.

For the first time since opening the box, Stephen more than glanced at the small pamphlet that had come with the contents. Across the top was the word Daphine followed by the words Female Love Companion. He hadn’t quite come to terms with what the secondary set meant. This wasn’t love and he wasn’t looking for a companion when he’d made the call. Stephen had simply wondered and thought to himself, “why not?” when he placed the order.

Setting down the pamphlet Stephen began to explore his new toy further. Daphine reminded him of a woman resting before him without animation. She stared off with her glassy eyes as though she might take a breath and speak at any moment. With his hand he investigated the features of her face. The skin of her cheek felt soft to his touch. Pressing his fingers against her lips he realized how much he’d wanted to kiss them. Opening her mouth he came to rest his digits against the firm edges of teeth comprising her jaw. Without a thought his hand came to rest upon her bare breasts that felt nothing like silicone. Catching himself quick Stephen jumps back to reality.

With another glance at the pamphlet Stephen Collins reviewed all the practical and impractical applications of his doll. Daphine was made from the finest German technology to withstand abuse and so much more. Her skin was comprised of flame retardant material that allowed for use with fire and heated objects. Hair was treated with a polymer that allowed for continuous force without breakage. Internally her body was made to expand and contract with repeated use. The soft linings were both sensitive for pleasure and durable for need. After the features came pages upon pages of suggested uses. Most were types of situations that Stephen had never considered with a woman let alone a facsimile of a woman. Yet he continued on through the remaining pages until he reached the “Warnings” and “Safety” topics which included “Ingestion” and something unsavory called “Wedging” that he immediately disregarded as it sounded like a completely unnecessary precaution to take.

Daphine lay spread legged upon the loveseat in the living room while Stephen paced in the small kitchenette across the room. He thought that it wasn’t like him to do something so impulsive and immediately concluded that he should return the doll. Once this thought came to reality Stephen discovered that he couldn’t bring himself to make the call. The idea of speaking with a man that snickered before taking his order made him sick. And the thought of speaking with the same man who might continue to find humor in denying his return made him feel sicker.

With that decided, Stephen realized he could get rid of Daphine or he could do something with her first. He wrestled with the desire to continue, but did so anyway.

Somewhere between the floor and the edge of the sofa Stephen Collins handled his business with the lovely Daphine. She wasn’t at all resistant like he’d thought. Instead of the hard plastic of a mannequin his body was welcomed by soft insides with a familiar warmth and texture. He let his tongue glide in and out of her mouth that felt more real than fake. Slowly he felt himself lost in the familiar of the moment. As he continued his imagination took over as the soft warmness of her skin mimicked his own body temperature and flexibility.

Climbing toward his moment of release Stephen came to a slight variation that he hadn’t noticed until it was unmistakable. Daphine was screaming. Impossible moans of unprecedented pain escaped with every thrust his pelvis shot down into the slender hipline of the doll. The faster he raced toward his fulfillment the louder her unlikely cry grew. From the adjoining wall of his apartment pounded the angry fist of his neighbor with murmured yells. Persistent in his desire to finish his newly realized exploration, Stephen put his hands over the doll’s mouth. Each muffled cry still ached loudly beneath his hands as he pressed on.

Soon Stephen came to the further conclusion that it wasn’t only the movement to blame. It was a much deeper issue that he hadn’t bothered to explore. Deep within Daphine he found his release to be sweet and limiting. As his body ached with the exhaustion of both tension and adrenaline Stephen came to find himself tightly lodged deep within the woman replica. Every slight movement expelled a moan of familiar pain from beneath him. Wedged face first atop the female love companion, Stephen could recall the warning he’d neglected in the pamphlet as his mind kept returning to the sound of the man snickering on the other end of the phone.

Daphine was truly a flawless reproduction of a woman. And just like the real thing she had him exactly where she wanted him, by the balls. This was the one time Stephen Collins had been so bold to take a chance on a thrill only to realize he was risking so much more when he neglected to follow the instructions.

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