Saturday, February 19, 2011

do what you want, do what you want...

Lotus Flower - Radiohead.

"do what we want... Do what we want"

And everyone should! I know I do. There's new Radiohead out there my lovelies. Was just told about this today by a fabulous man who let me listen to a bit of space recently. Jupiter's rings to be exact. Well what do we think? I'm a little biased cause I love me a dancing man any day... and of course I'm already in love with the music. And as most things are... it's up to you to decide for yourselves. 

An update on things. It's all over the place. Mostly... I'm resisting the marathon. I'm mid gear change wanting to give other things. AND the hang-up there... It's ALL NEW! Meaning it takes time. The pieces usually come out of context, most are older ideas. Typically they fall into place when it makes most sense. It's hard to explain. Unless you understand? By understand, I mean you have to do what is right when it feels right? Live for what you love and die representing that passion. Somehow it's worked for a while. Hasn't it? I'm excited. Have a fun weekend and for those with an extra day... Live, love and enjoy it!

Kisses. m. 

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