Sunday, February 13, 2011


What is this thing called love? - Gwyneth Paltrow/Infamous.


Ladies and Gentlemen, that lovely song was by the great Cole Porter. I can’t see you all, but I’m sure glad to hear you’re enjoying yourselves. Anyone who is just joining us this evening thanks for coming out and welcome to Limelight. If you’ve found yourself alone this is where we’ve all come together. No one is alone. I bet most you are single. Ain’t no shame in the game. Which one you say? The love game. Oh I know there’s a few pairs out there. And I love to hear that. Don’t you know it? Well, that’s the thing isn’t it? Love. It’s the blind leading the blind honeys. And don’t I know it. One of you down in front tell me what you think about that? Like I thought, you didn’t have a clue. That’s the truth. Blindsided. Now, honey, I could tell you a thing or two about being blind. You barely know what’s coming before it hits you. But nonetheless you do know its coming. It’s something about developing a sixth sense for things that are coming. They say when you lose your sight the other senses start kicking into high gear. But without being able to see what’s coming you learn to feel your way around. I wouldn’t know much about that since I was born and raised blind. Anyway, I think that analogy works for love though. Blind, can’t see it coming, but oh how you might feel it. It never surprises me that whenever I greet love my lil ol’ ticker starts working overtime in my chest. Couldn’t say what it is exactly? Yet it happens each and every time. Mr. Porter got it right when he said, “What is this thing called love?” With that my lovelies here’s another song for you.

300. Blindsided. Often we are by the actions of others, in life and in love. That’s how it goes. In love you never see it coming. But you definitely feel it. Avoiding it won’t do any good. A little advice that will save some of you the trouble of regret later: Jump head over heels into it, if you have the opportunity. It’s worth it. Even if you know there’s a possibility it might end. Gotta take that chance though. The clich├ęs, poems, songs and sappy movies are worthless without the broken hearts. And you ever hear that heartbreak is the mother of inspiration. Well its one of them. Keep your smiles. Enjoy love. Single or as a double. Kisses. m.

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