Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Read to me.


Read to me.

Read to me. Of course I could read to myself. But it’s what I prefer. I prefer to listen while you read. You know how I love it when you do read aloud. I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about the way a man's voice sounds. And there’s so much passion behind your words when you say them. Besides, I’d love to hear what you’ve been immersed in. If you won’t read it to me then tell me a little about this book. This book that captures your attention while we sit here and say nothing. Oh I see. Is it interesting? Yes, I have read it before. But I’m asking what you think. I want to know what the story is like through your eyes. How does it make you feel? Tell me… are you enjoying it? No, Honey. Shh. Not like that. Please stop. Just… That’s not the point. Keep reading the book. I don’t want to read it again. Although the idea of listening to you read it aloud sounds much better. Please, will you read it to me? The sound of your voice calms me. And it’s such a lovely story. Speak and let your lovely voice carry the words to my ears. And you can make yourself comfortable. Like? Well, you could lay your head on me and kick up your feet on the edge of the chair. Then I’ll rub your neck while you tell me the story. Why? So you can relax while you’re reading. Don’t you want to? I can see that you do. How? Lower the book. Now look me in the eye and tell me otherwise. See, you can’t. Darling, come on. You know you want to give in. Tell me a story. Please. Read to me?

300. Read. Have you ever had someone read to you? Or even better read to someone? It’s a lovely idea, don’t you think? Recently I've had a fellow read aloud to me. And it's so very wonderful just to sit with each other in comfortable silence but even better when there’s more than that involved. The sound of a voice, heartbeat, and warmth. A personal closeness. An intimate moment. Ah, there’s never enough of those moments. Promise you that. When it’s gone you’ll wonder where they all went. Anyhow… if you’ve never cracked open a book to read or be read to… it’s a fun way to pass some time with someone... closely. Enjoy reading to someone. kisses. m.

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