Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Music 60.

The Red Violin
Director: Francois Girard
Score: John Corigliano (composer) / Joshua Bell (solo violin)

Music. "Inspires dreams. Shapes destinies. Ignites hope." 

The Red Violin. A beautiful film. It tells the story of a instrument. Showing the people that were a part of its journey rather than the instrument as a tool in the journey of a person. It's a unique perspective. And the score is quite lovely. Highly recommend. It's one of the few pieces of music that fills me with a desire to play violin again. I played for nearly 16 years before stopping. As of late I've been obsessed with the music of violinist Joshua Bell who played solo on this score. And it's calling to me. It's a NEED and like others I am no stranger to the draw of the sound. My fingerprints are all over it.

That's the thing with music. It's so very personal. Intimate. It's not like most things. It gets into those cracks of your armor. And for that reason people definitely make it personal. Even when there is no need for ownership they make it theirs. Identifying with it. Sometimes this can happen with words or images. People have this NEED to put their fingerprints on something to express what they have inside. Music, Art, Literature, etc. always have shaped the world and will continue to do so. It may be hard to believe but what we're doing now, day in and day out, moment to moment, could have significance in a hundred years.

Have anything you want to do? Get your fingerprints on? You may never know what significance it may have unless you do it.

Anyway, if you've never seen The Red Violin, by all means it is worth the view and listen. enjoy. kisses. m. 

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