Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Full Intention: Extra - 1.11.11 & Intercepted


I wasn’t looking for him when we met. Do you understand?

More than some time has passed between since last we spoke. 
He could’ve looked me up anytime over the last eight years.
And likewise, I could have gone looking for him. But didn’t.
Not that I expected him to… We’re both of an age…
He was an adult and capable of handling his own affairs.
What makes a man walk away from the woman he loves?
You tell me. He’s barely recognizable as the man I knew.
That’s irrelevant now. The past remains. And you can’t change… Look?
You probably have a thousand questions. Sorry. I can’t answer those.
Things couldn’t be any more complicated than before all of this.
You’re probably wondering how. We have hidden things from each other.

When he approached me there wasn’t a need for full disclosure.
All those things left unsaid for nearly a decade didn’t matter.
And in your situation this isn’t what you want to hear.
Continue? Can I? He made all the necessary arrangements for contact.
To me it was another job. Typical. Same as any other.
Until? He walked through the door. And I… Couldn’t say no.
It was personal. Involved his personal interests. Things he wouldn’t disclose.
He said that no one would get hurt… Just play along.
Understand? According to his reports this would be an easy in.
It had taken long to acquire a position within the Horizon.
This wasn’t the HAND. It was an outside organization. Different Agenda.


Intercepted. I’m sitting less than twenty feet from her in the middle of the busy café. I know exactly who she is. It’s my understanding that she wants to talk to me. The walls are covered with miniature replicas of the last Van Gogh portraits and I’m reminded of another place in the past.  The memory that tells me less about this place and more about her. I’m looking at her broach. A red rose. It’s a sentimental touch of red that has me wondering. She’s managed to meet my standard protocols and I’m ready to make my move. I’m noticing her watch the waitress dropping dishes while talking on the phone. Convenient way to avoid notice, but I need her to listen to me now. Since there’s a swarm of people in the café, no one will think twice if their signal drops. Standing by to disconnect in… 3… 2…1. The call has been interrupted. I can tell by the look on her face that she doesn’t agree with this. There she goes trying to hang up and re-dial. Predictable. Excusing herself to go outside to look for a signal. And I can’t disagree with her logic in that argument. Because I might do the same thing. There’s one chance to catch her eye. Caught.

“This is a nice way to say hello, don’t you think?” She sits down with a smile and a pistol.
 “Interesting, when a smile is already an inviting welcome.” I continue protocol.
“I thought you wouldn’t make contact.” She moves the pistol under the table and cocks it as she speaks.
“I wasn’t but I know he’s alive, and I’m…”
 “Wondering who would use his protocol. And I’m not surprised it’s you.”
“He’s coming back soon and I think he is already in contact with...”
“Jamison’s made contact. And he would kill you for much less than contact with me. What do you need?”
“You know he’s got his own agenda.”
“And you don’t. You’re working this from another angle. What is it? Tell me more.”
 “You’re working with him, why? Where’s my husband been? I want to know everything you know. You owe me that.”

“I wasn’t looking for him when we met. Do you understand?”

1.11.11. Intercepted. Full Intention - Extra.  A little different. A little interesting. What do you think?

There’s something in honoring arrangements whether you know what will be or will not. Promises are meant to be kept. The unknown is the one thing people are most afraid of. And you know what… the unknown is the only thing that will ever happen once for you. Once known… it’s no longer unknown. It’s okay to be afraid. Can’t let it stop you. Even if it’s scary. And if you’re worried about someone… please continue to tell them how much you care. They need to hear it. What exactly? Remind them how much they are loved. I can promise this. Their struggle is lonely although they do not realize they aren’t alone in it. Life is full of surprises and wonder. Things full of imperfection that are invaluable. Please remind someone of that.

Anyhow… digressed after only wanting to give a little more. How was the day? Hope it was a great one! Enjoy. kisses for those you love. m.

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