Monday, December 6, 2010

Tell me about you…

Tell me about you…

Tell me about you… but you’ve only got 500 words. What will you say? Will you talk about your day? The people around you? Your alter ego? An event?  A feeling? OR will you talk about how it unfolded? Will you write about the present or the past? Will it be real or fake? Will you discuss an event close to home or far away? Will you describe it in exact detail or let the audience sit and wonder about it all?

This is an opportunity to share a little more about you... you the reader. The person on the other side of the table. The person that is never seen. The person who isn’t a writer, but very much has a story to tell. Because life is rich with the fabric of people who each have a story that needs to be heard.

Everyone has a story to tell. They tell them in the most unusual ways. Get creative. Be inspired. There is the limit of 500 words, but feel free to think outside of the box. There are many ways to tell a story. Unspoken, Spoken, Written words are just a few ways. Remember a good story is told in a manner that when you are done it stays with you. What is it that you want people to relate to? How will you convey it?

Tell me about you… is an endeavor that I shared with a few friends about a year ago and they thought it was a little unusual but went along anyway. I told them, “it will be a collection of stories from strangers told in a way that will connect them” and they agreed it had its merits. You have to understand that I love stories and when people share them with each other. I think that people are the most connected when they can relate to each other. Our stories are a means of sharing these relatable experiences.

Submissions can be sent to for the time being. Please include a name, email, and anyway that you would like to be networked. (via twitter, tumblr, facebook, myspace, youtube, blog, website, etc.) There is no requirement that you include your name, or any additional information. However, it is my intention to urge you to be as real as possible so that others can relate to your story.

Right now it’s a matter of getting the ball rolling. Or rather continuing to push the ball along. So don’t be shy.

Tell me about you…


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