Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Piano.

The Piano.

Echoing down the corridor I can hear the somber melody that creeps through the air. The dark moodiness of a Brahms concerto builds throughout the empty flat as I make my way towards its melody. The gentle sounds of the pedals fall into the rhythm of the song. This song that awakens and entices me out of bed. The melody moves from softness to loudness quickly as his hands gently slide across the keys. Rhythm lifts and falls with the balance of fingers. From the doorway I can see the master at work upon the ivory keys. I move closer until my bare feet find comfort in the thick rug surrounding the Steinway. Carefully I find my place at his side upon the piano bench as he completes the movement. Before continuing he pauses to turn to me. Placing his hand upon my cheek he leans in for a kiss. Breaking away the moment his eyes remained focused directly into mine. With my eyes I indicate my desire for more.

The opening chords of Rachmaninov’s Vocalise echo into the still room. The sounds send my neck and back into a familiar posture as I nod my head according to the song. With a slight turn of the head I began to whisper encouragement into his ear before gently leaning into his movements. Firmly I place my hands upon his. Him delicately moving as I take a hold of his fingers. Gently flattening and uncurling them to the correct position. Tenderly I allowed my arms to wind around his body.  My linking hands continue to mimic the dance of fingers upon the keys while he played. Softly nurturing his movements with the pressing of my lips against the skin of his neck. With a slight turn of his head he matches my kisses between breathes. As the music progresses down my hands move. Around and under they embrace and desire more from him as I wind myself downward.

Quietly I listen to the melody while doing unforgettable things with my mouth. Seductively I move my hands with the rhythm of the song. My kisses consume him as my hands never stop. Continuing to build and release with the progression of the piece he climbs and resides. His passion never stopping he reaches completion. Satisfied he pulls me up against the Steinway. Grabbing my face he kisses me roughly before beginning another.

400. The Piano. There was always a 400. Hope you like this one. Had wanted to drop this since… for a while. It’s been around since April. It preceded the [Untitled] piano piece. It was inspired by the Michael Nyman score… And the thought that music carries with it the most interesting connections to memories. Its remarkable how music can be used to connect images to memories. I once spent time with a pianist many years ago. I always think of him fondly. Anyhow…This isn’t quite a precursor as to what’s next. That’s altogether a lot of fun. It’s from AWAKE. It’s somewhere I have gone before but not QUITE LIKE THIS. And there’s… honestly there are four things out right now. Getting them out of this head anyway. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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