Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chomping at the bit.

Chomping at the bit.

Chomping at the bit? Guitar man with a nice axe looking for break. Fender? Yeah, I can tell a hungry man when I see one. Bet you can’t wait for it to come.

What do I mean? Fame.

Of course you want to become a legend. Musicians. One and one alike.

What if I told you it isn’t that far away? Coming sooner than you think.

How? All you have to do is ask me. It’s that simple. I can show you success. Help you visualize it. Become it.

Who? I’m a man of substance who can give you what you want.

What do I want? There is a price but first, let me show you what I mean…

…and the crowd will roar in anticipation. can you hear them? look, you can see them. moving. gyrating. becoming an entity. A living breathing force that is greater than you or me. listen to them. there’s no music, yet they’re alive. full of energy that hasn’t yet arrived. waiting for it. wanting it to come.  

…and they‘ll give it to you. all the way to the end. the clothes that cover their bodies . the marks on their skin. their sole allegiance to your sound. through you they will accept the death of their souls with welcoming arms. you will feed off them. growing stronger and more powerful. because this is what you want. you want to be their god. you want their love. their desire. their destruction.

Are you ready for it? Give me your soul and you will have your dream. Where’s your anticipation? That eagerness to become a man of legends. Aren’t those your own words? There is a price. This is it. Man of legends has to make a choice. This is yours. What will it be?

300. Chomping at the bit. Eagerness. Needing to finish the race at any cost. There’s much to be said about experiencing the race. The end of the story is the most important part, but why oh why would anyone want to get to the end without experiencing the rest of it. The winner in the story isn’t always the one that gets there first. You can sell your soul, but can you live with that choice? In the end we make choices and they are us. Success can only be measured by the journey that takes us there. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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