Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Baby It's Cold Outside - Selma Blair & Rainn Wilson 
GapMerryMixit 2008

Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

“Stay tonight. I tell her.

“Another day. Don’t leave yet.” I insist further.

“Come now, I know we both agreed it was time.” she says while getting up and throwing on a scarf.

 “But don’t go. It’s cold outside.”

“I’ve got to go away.” She smiles and tilts her head.  “Tonight.”


“What about the letters? They need to be….”

“Throw it all away. Tell them….” I look at her licking her lips and I want to kiss them one more time. They're so delicious that I can’t help saying or doing anything to keep them here. 

“Tell them what?” She catches me staring and winks at me with a smile before turning the corner to step into the kitchen. I can see her silhouette move behind the thin white linen curtains.

“It can all be my fault.” I raise my voice to talk over the sound of the water that comes down to rinse her hands.  

“What will they think if I stay?”

“One more day won’t change anything. Even I know that. You have to admit another day won’t destroy the world.”

“And it won’t destroy the world.” She laughs and tosses her hair up into a hat as she re-enters the room. I’m certain that hair will be the death of me when she does that.

“What would it matter if it did? The world is so very far away. A wall of white between us and them. Makes no matter what is done or said out there. Stay another while. We’re alone in this moment. Stay with me.” She sits back down and puts her hands on mine. I lean in to kiss her and she leans back with a blush.

“Baby, don’t hold out.” I say impulsively.

“Hold out?” She snaps back with a bit of sass. “What more can you have?”

“Beautiful, please don’t go off in a hurry. Stay tonight.”

“Although the answer is no, this has been so wonderful. I would like to stay. But I really can’t stay. I’ve got to go.

“Where? Look out that window, its coming down. The snow is up to your knees. You’ll freeze. And that would be such a sorrow if you did. What will you do?”

“Lend me your coat. I’ll wear two.” she says then gets up and puts on her coat. 

“If you have to go... Then let me go with you.” I tell her and go for my gloves. “I’ll hold your hand.”

“I’m not scared.” She says.

“Baby it’s bad out there. You really shouldn’t go alone.”

“I really don’t mind walking alone.”

“Fine. It’s late. Then have another glass of wine with me before you go.” I tell her and she lets out a short breathy laugh filled with air that moves her chest slowly.

“Before I go? Another glass of wine might make me want to stay longer.”

“Well, what’s your hurry, beautiful?” I tell her and move my hands around her waist and start to pull off her coat. She makes no real effort to stop me and leans back into my arms. “This moment we are sharing is wonderful it would be a shame for it to end.”

“Baby its cold outside. It’s really coming down outside. You’ll have a million excuses to keep me here.” Her smile reveals her teeth. She pulls her coat back from me but leaves it off.

“Then say no.” I tell her with a very large smile. “I’m only saying that it’s cold outside and that you don’t have to be out there.”

“I should say no.” she turns her eyes and makes a face of contemplation.  “Maybe just half a drink more if you tell me what’s wrong with out there?”

“It’s warm in here. You could be enjoying another glass of wine by a nice warm fire while we have a conversation instead of being cold out there.”

“Keep talking…” she pours the wine and takes a drink.

“Baby, stay with me. Come to bed with me.” I tell her as she sits down next to me.

“I… I should... It has been divine this evening…” She bites her lip with the thought of it before flashing me a smile. “But… but… I really should go.” Her blue eyes shine and twinkle as she says the words with less insistence.

“But baby its cold outside.” I lean forward kiss her and she leans into it without a blush.

“Say it may be the wine but you’re very much right. And it wouldn’t be so bad to wait out the storm. What did you call it? Such a sorrow if I were to freeze.”

“Such a sorrow. You can put on another record and we’ll stay warm watching the fire.”

“And it’s so awfully cold out there?

“Baby, it’s so very cold outside.”

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. And for many of you it is. This is inspired by a favorite Christmas song of mine. How about any of you? Any favorite Christmas songs? Anyway, this is another one of those things that sort of just came up along the way. Life is full of surprises. And some things… safe, reckless, or crazy are always quite worth the thrill. Wouldn’t you agree? I say have ZEE fun whenever and wherever you can. Let it sneak in. Especially when you least expect it. And I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas time. Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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