Sunday, November 7, 2010

Show me.

Show me.

Shh… don’t tell me. Feel this. Enjoy it. Show me you’re enjoying this.”

My lips spread and circle around a thick lush piece of watermelon. The taste is sweeter than any other time I’ve eaten watermelon. The fruit juices spill out of my mouth with a bit of pressure beneath my bite. Wetness drips from my bare breasts after running down the front of my neck. I can feel his breath against my face as he draws nearer. Closer and closer his warm breaths move until his lips are upon mine. Soft and tender kisses tasting the juice from my lips. He stays in the moment and continues to move his attention downward until there’s nothing left.

No peeking.” He tells me with a bit of a laugh as he secures the blindfold.
“But how can you know I will enjoy this?” I posture.
“Of course you will. And I’ll know.”
“Without me saying what it feels like… how?”
“Shh. Let me…”He says as he gently ties my hands behind my back with a silk scarf. “No cheating.”

My bare skin tingles against the coolness of the hardwood floor as he guides me into a sitting position. The cold room feels as though it is warming by his touch. The touch of his hand is the only familiar in the blackness surrounding me. The perfume of the room is more fragrant and alive to me without my vision. I can smell his skin, the air he breathes and almost taste what his kiss is like from its scent.

“Taste this. Open. Slowly.” He talks me through the first taste. “Gently, place your lips around my fingers. Now close.”

As my lips slide around his fingers I can taste the rich full flavor of chocolate swimming in my mouth. I glide my tongue around his fingers and began to massage. Soft and sweetly as I nurse them clean of the taste he slowly pulls out. My suckling lips release the quietest sound as his fingers find freedom from my mouth.

Item after item he continues to feed my mouth. Before making the final descent in my mouth, pieces of meat, slender strings of loose pasta, petite tomatoes, carrots and sliced cucumbers all dance upon the tip of my tongue after being pushed across my skin in a tease. Every smell, every taste is intensified by his touch. His warm hands insisting upon my complete enjoyment. I slowly forget that my own hands need to grab and hold while his do all the work.

“The next is in two parts. First tilt your chin up, open and relax. This will be a little cooler.” Ice cold milk is poured into my mouth and down my neck. I can taste the cool taste of it as he pushes me backward further to pour it down my torso. Its coolness finds a place in the warmth between my legs.

“Now carefully lean your head back and hold open your mouth,” he instructs and gently cradles my neck.

I can feel the warm stickiness pour into my mouth slowly and down my throat as he guides every move of my neck with a free hand. The familiar taste of honey fills my mouth and runs out onto my face. Every taste is animated by his actions. The rich lushness of the honey coats the base of my chin. He hands lean in and help the honey move downward. It mixes into my skin with his every touch. Both of his hands are involved with my skin. Touching and leaning into the stickiness. Running them upward and back downward to linger in places between. Follow by lips that are fully aware. I can hear his every sound enjoy the taste of honey upon my skin with his mouth. Shifting hands lift and pull at my small frame as he situates me closer to him. Sweet and silent movements dissipate with the release of pure satisfaction.

Up around my hips he runs a cool piece of ice trailing along the center of my belly. Continuing upward on his path toward my face as he circles each of my breasts with the tiny piece of ice. All the while trying to convince me there is no more.
“Do you want more?”
“A little…”
“What if there is no more?”
“That’s not all. Is it?”
“What do you think?”
“That you’re teasing me with…”
“No tease. No more.”
“But I want…”
“… A little more. There is a little.”
“Please, let me tell you what it f-f…”
“Shh. Don’t tell me. Feel this. Enjoy it. Show me…”

And I show him with my lips, the emergence of my tongue as it licks at the falling juices spilling from my mouth. With a slight lean of my head forward to invite him inward I continue to run my tongue across the front of my teeth. His breathing quickens as he moves closer. The warm air brushes against my skin. His kisses combine with the sweet taste of watermelon and grow with intensity as he moves his focus downward. Focusing his attention at every piece of skin before circling back around up. Then I show him that I want more with my lips gently pressed against his slowly rising forehead. And he knows.

Show me. show me. show me. Have you ever had anyone feed you? Ever show anyone how much you enjoy something without words? Losing the words is worth it. Guys let your woman show you her appetite sometime. It might be fun. You never know she might surprise you. ANYWAY! This is just a little bit more fun without the language. On another note, please check out The Pittsburg Flash Fiction Gazette they published my flash story “Voyeur” here. And they have an amazing selection of provocative reading, erotica that is alive and well ranging in diversity from a plethora of amazing talent. If you enjoy reading or writing a bit of erotica I suggest you take a look. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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