Wednesday, November 10, 2010



“Come,” he says. “Follow me.”
 And I tell him, “I don’t know how to do this kind of dancing.”
He says “Not to worry I’ll do all the dancing. All you have to do is follow.”

So follow I do and let him dance around the floor with his arms holding mine. I feel my hands and feet falling into a rhythm that I hadn’t known before. A rhythm that feels just as familiar as a memory that fills my mind while his hands wrap around me in an embrace. Quickly I’m swept up again and again.
“Do you know how to flamenco?” he asks me with a spin.
“No. Not at all.” Around I turn in a tiny semicircle with a smile and a shrug.
“No? Then what about this?” he says with a swift kick and turn that snaps my hips into line.
“Never before.”
“Really?” he raises his eyebrows.
“Really.” I smile and wink.

My loose arms are snapped into a form mirroring his and my legs move at the will of the music. Back around and forward we go. Our pattern circles the dance floor with the constant rhythm of the drums. With a sudden stop and dip he leans me back. There’s now a lift and turn as I follow him back into the sound of the beat.

“How am I doing?”
“Fine. In fact you’re moving like a pro. Except…” He says with another dip and a release as he lifts my leg and pulls me toward him.
“Except? Go on.” I say as he holds my leg and wraps his arm around my back to lift me towards him.
As our eyes make an instant connection between breathes he tells me softly, “Since you’ve never done this before how about letting me lead?”

300. Lead. Ever have a dance partner that never lets you lead? Typically in dancing only one person can lead. Old school, ballroom, man leads the woman. That’s the way it works. Thank goodness that's only in dancing. Sometimes it’s more fun to take turns. Enjoy. kisses. m. 

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