Friday, November 26, 2010

Everything is right @ 5:15.

Everything is right @ 5:15.

Everything is right…

Today. At some point around 2:30 it is 5:15. Quadrophenia. The Who. This is what is coming while I’m sitting behind the wheel of the pick-up that isn’t mine but it’s mine to drive… for a little while. I’m thinking of unconventional and how easy it is to change the channel on the radio when I don’t like the song. It’s then that I do and The Who is waiting to share their message with my open ears. It is 5:15 at 2:30 as I like what I’m hearing and turn it up.

Everything is right…

Now. As I sit on the bare floor of this room soaking wet from an ice cold bath still trying to break a fever my mind continues to wander. I’m thinking of people. People who accept things. People who deny things. The truth. The lies. Those receiving the messages loud and clearly. Others covering the messages because they dislike them. Reluctant to find truth because in that understanding they will bring about change. Change that can only be denied if it is pushed aside. That’s simply pretending that a change doesn’t exist because it isn’t taken in. Ignore the pink elephant in the room and it might go away. Won’t change the fact that the elephant, or rather the “issue” isn’t going anywhere.

Nothing is wrong. If nothing is truly wrong why draw attention to it? So for this reason whenever I hear that statement my mind automatically conjures up: Everything is right.

Everything is right…

Then nothing can be wrong. Everyone says nothing when they ought to say everything. And wrong instead of right. That’s the problem though. Nothing is so much better than everything. Wrong is thought of more often than right.

Things being wrong instead of right, ignored or denied makes me think of censorship. A practice that is so far outdated that it precedes the US constitution. Indeed that document cries out to grant its people the freedom of speech within its amendments. It also proclaims justice for all and the right to bear arms. So why do we practice suppression when we disagree with what is being said?

If nothing is wrong with what is being said then why are we at each other’s throats to stop it from continuing?

Something about the practice of censorship reminds me of people slapping a hand across a child’s mouth to stop the words from escaping. That hand, well it won’t so much stop the words from coming out. Cause it won’t keep them from coming. Those words will be said. Muffled, because that hand will keep them from being heard loudly. Yet they will be said.

Everything is right…

Because they will be said. These words that are still coming are not kept back for being the wrong ones spoken. No. Wronger words are spoken everyday. And no one stops them.

This is because someone tells us to shut up.
This is because everyone has a right to be heard.
This is because no one has to agree with the message for it to be out there.
This is because people will speak their words, loud and clear.

No matter how many hands reach out to slap these mouths shut, the words will come. And these messages may or may not always be words but they will be heard.


Ultimately these messages will find a way to reach out and become… ALIVE.

Without mouths.
Without words.
Through other channels there will be a message.

And the message will always be there whether you listen or not.
Change the channel. Close the door. Hang up the phone. Burn the newspaper. Break the conduit.
There will be a message and it will be there loudly.

The deaf will hear it.
The blind will see it.
The ignorant will understand.

There will be images, sounds, and a myriad of other forms charging it forward. It will be televised, marketed and pumped into every home. And when there is no more of that… it will come. Make no mistake, change will come whether it is erased, eradicated, or eliminated.

Everything is right…

When the temperature starts to fade and the fever is no more. The wandering mind wanders in cooler comfort upon the bare floor in this icy room. Wandering to think that there are more people listening everyday. People who accept change. Making the choice to accept instead of pretend. People wanting to be heard. Despite their mouths covered by hands. People with the courage to keep going when others tell them to stop. There can be no change without their courage. And the wandering mind continues to think that somewhere, oh somewhere its 5:15.

When everything is right… nothing can be wrong.


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