Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Tired. I’m so very tired.

No. Please stop. Before you say anything else, please listen.

I am … Tired of this being irrational. Tired of not having normal conversations. Tired of everything not making sense. Tired of this gap. Tired of missing the point. And ultimately always misunderstanding what is going on.

You’re tired of talking about this? Well try listening.

See this is exactly my point. I’m wanting there to be more and coming up empty handed when I grab for it. Exhausted my mind runs in circles trying to understand. And I’m completely spent because it’s always my fault.

Even now in the middle of all this, of course it’s my fault.

There are no more rationalizations. You are in control. I never had a chance. I lost before I even sat at the table because I didn’t know the rules. Your rules. Well…


Enough with this fighting. I don’t want to. I can’t. Not like this… over this, over that, over everything with you. It needs to stop.

No. Listen. I’ve heard your side of things a thousand times and it’s time you’ve heard mine.

Of course not. You don’t have to. But I can continue to ask nicely.

You’re right. Words won’t stand up in war. But this isn’t war. It is easier to attack someone when there’s no way they will fight back.

Unless you open up a dialogue and let me in, I can never do anything to respond. Running at a brick wall won’t do a damn bit of good. The only person affected by the outcome is you.

Middle Ground? But can there be any between us? You’re absolutely right. It’s time that we try to find some. Cause, it’s about time you see this from someone else’s point of view.

300. Tired? Fighting? Still awake and quite at peace. How about you? Ever get tired of a situation with someone? Some situations can be frustrating and exhausting to have to repeatedly deal with. I think most people find themselves in these difficult positions with someone they care about. Where you don’t want to fight with them to make a point, but in the same instance you want them to understand your side of the things, your perspective.

Don’t go to bed angry. Ever hear that one? It’s one of those things that I’ve learned to carry with me over the years. It’s one of the best pieces of advice you can apply to most situations with other people. Life is both far too long and far too short. You never know what that last conversation may be with someone or how long you will have to live with it. Would you want to waste it on anger? Or instead love? I once had a very awful fight with an amazing friend and didn’t speak for many years. The entire time, the only thing I had regretted was not apologizing for my actions sooner as losing the friend was worse than winning the argument. We both had our sides of the dispute. No one was wrong.

Some situations are a no-win with family, friends, and loved ones. We may voice our opinions, concerns, and disagreements about things, but in the end that person may choose to do what they want no matter what is said. Sometimes it’s supporting those choices regardless of those things that makes a good friend, family, or etc. So before you get so tired that you want to call it quits on someone, give them a chance to talk. Try to see it from their side. Like most amazing things in life, you only get a few really amazing people throughout it. Don’t toss them aside over petty misunderstandings. Digressed. Anyhow…new to come. And... Enjoy it all! Kisses for those you love. m. 

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