Sunday, October 10, 2010




10x10x10. That’s the size of it. Your box. Your new home. They’ll tell you it’s much smaller than that before telling you that you won’t ever see the outside of it again. It’s hard to get used to a room without windows. Don’t worry. You’ll get out more often than you’d like to. And it’s no bigger and no smaller than 10x10x10. Go on. Walk around. Push the mat against the wall and count the steps.

You’re probably scared. I was scared the first time they put me in the box too. Are you wondering who I am? Bet you are. I would be. My name is Maggie. But everyone calls me Mags. But it’s not really important. They’ve given me a number. Just like you. I am the same age as you and the same size. Most likely the same blood type as well. We all started in the box. Those of us that have survived this far. You will survive. And don’t worry about your mom and dad. You’ll see them soon.

Keep doing what you’re told and you’ll see them. You’ve been told about the letters. We’ve all been told to write them. Those aren’t the ones they send to your family. You can write them anyway but they send ones that tells your parents how great it has been. Do you remember? This awful place is supposed to be someplace nice. Don’t worry. You won’t be here longer than you’re supposed to be. Look under the paneling along the far wall. I’ve marked off the days. 6 weeks. The last is today.

If you’re still scared. It’s ok to be. They won’t leave you in the box for long. And at least you can walk around. When they take you, cause they will take you, there are tests. The tests won’t be hard or physical and you won’t be alone. There’s always another one with you. Like you in almost every way. The other like me, his name is Dax. He looks tired all the time. We don’t talk during the test, only afterwards. In the room where they leave us before there is more tests. You know this isn’t the worst of it. There are others. But it’s not like this. At least your parent’s know you’re here. And that sometime you will go home. It’s very different for us.

How different? It’s much worse for the others. They aren’t the same. There’s no hope of going home for them. I met one once. She was left in my box by someone who wanted to hide her. He told me that she was leaving and to take care of her. She wasn’t like the others. Someone on the outside kept looking for her. She was much younger than you or me and much smaller. So sad that she didn’t remember her name. Only the number. 55-77223.

Tiny number carved into her arm among the marks. The marks on her arms were infected and beneath her skin lay thin lines of color, a visible reminder of tiny veins. At the base of her light brown hair line, length cropped short, was a fresh wound where something had been attached. One of their experiments. She told me about her box and the others that died in theirs. The one with her and the younger ones.

I don’t know much about them. Only that the younger ones are picked up like strays. No better than kittens in the streets waiting to be found. Left in small boxes only large enough to kneel and sit in. The stray I met was different though, cause in the end someone came for her. I don’t know what happened after she left. But I know it isn’t the same for the others. They don’t leave.

If it makes you feel better, I’m glad you found my note. That I’m helping you by leaving this and you’ll know what’s to come after finding it. You aren’t alone anymore. You will see that soon. It’s time that I go. I don’t know that I will remember any of it or if you will later, but at least you will find a way to get through it. Good luck. Survive. Mags.


Hey Mom and Dad!

How’s everything at home? Are you guys ok? Is Grant still being a pest? He can’t help it. Tell lil bro to knock it off. Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I wrote. But I miss you guys this week a lot. Camp is still great! And I’m glad you made me come. This week has been really nice. We’ve been indoors on the computers a lot less this week and spending most of the day outside. It’s pretty nice learning about outdoor things. I learned how to climb a tree a couple days ago and I was in the foot race yesterday. My partner in the foot race is a boy named Dax. We didn’t win but it was a lot of fun. Dax knows three languages and is teaching me words from each of the languages. He has been working with me to create a computer program about languages. Oh and about my room. They moved our rooms around after my last letter. In the new room, they let me have my own bunk and my roommates are all the same age as me. One girl even came as far as Georgia to be here. She is so smart with the harmonics in the computer. She can match the sounds with the vibrations in the programming. It’s been interesting. I don’t feel ready to come home yet. And it’s coming quick. Can you believe it’s been a month now? There are so many things to share. But it’s time for dinner. Will write again soon. Hope you guys are ok! Don’t miss me too much! Tell Grant that big sis says HI after you tell him to knock it off. Miss you guys again! Love, Mags.

Letters. Not much to say except… Happy 10-10-10! How’s your day been? Was it everything you thought it would be? enjoy. kisses. m. 

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