Monday, September 20, 2010



Hypnotize? That’s exactly what happens if you want it to. If you’re here to quit smoking or change another bad habit this won’t work. If you’ve been referred then you know that’s not what I’m offering to do. This can help you relieve your affliction but you have to allow this to happen. Are you ready?
Relax. Let’s start by having you completely relax allowing your mind to go into a relaxed state. Once you have reached this state all feelings of tension will slip away slowly. As if you were counting backwards from ten breathe in and out gently letting the rhythm of your breathing create a pattern. Now let your mind wander deeper as if you have a feeling of floating. Deep. In a sea of nothingness. Down further. Away from your worries. Clear your mind of all burdens and pain inflicted. They have no place in here. You will have a feeling of peacefulness when thinking of burdens in this place. Those people, the suffering, are all fine here. No need to worry. Wipe their faces of misery and blood out of your mind. They are alive again and well. Slip further into the calm. Alone. There you are. No one is dead. You have a feeling of complete calm. Find your center focus in this place of inner torment. Slowly approach it. Grab hold tightly. While all other things are at peace tell me about their deaths. Do not fight this process. Stay with it. Face their suffering. Why did you kill them? Don’t relive it. Do not go any further. You must regain consciousness and remember nothing of this conversation when I count back from 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… Release them… your hands… my neck… you must let… stop… release… can’t breathe…

300. Hypnosis. A couple of people shared stories of hypnosis with me a few months ago. Their after-hypnosis stories happen to be the most fascinating thing I’d heard o at the time. Recalled a memory that although I couldn’t be hypnotized, I once saw a man start barking like a dog and clucking like a chicken after having the power of suggestion implant the notion during a state of relaxation. It was interesting. Although, without much exposure to something it’s hard to have an opinion. Nevertheless… completely fascinating. Relax. Let the day unfold as it should and breathe. Enjoy. m.

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