Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares 24.


I have walked this earth
and watched people
I can be sincere
and say I like them
you can't say no to hope
can't say no to happiness
I want to go on a mountain-top
with a radio and good batteries
and play a joyous tune
and free the human race from suffering
I'm no fucking Buddhist
but this is enlightenment
the less room you give me
the more space I've got
this is an alarm-call
so wake-up wake-up now
today has never happened
and it doesn't frighten me

Will these get back to sleep. I don't know. Everyone needs a good wake-up call wouldn't you agree? Waking up is just as important as falling asleep. Remember think broader. Anyhow... it is Day 5 and the larger project... I think perhaps its best to finish first before discussing. Wait. Please. There's so much more. And I'm still very excited. Which brings me back to the present thought: Without a compass. But not ready to call it. A good work ethic : don't complain, don't give in even when you're tired and get the job done right. For now, enjoy the laughs, the loves and remember you are alive. enjoy. kisses. m.

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