Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No. 33.

No. 33.

“It’s is a special occasion. A season for commemoration. A moment of rebirth. And you get to be here for it. Why? Because… well you are special and in part the reason for celebrating.”


“No-No. Don’t bother trying to talk. Enjoy the moment. We’re in the presence of a brilliant occasion.”

“How about some music and bubbles? I’ve got just the thing. Peggy Lee. A fan? NO! Really? She’s the bee’s knees, cat’s pajamas and so on. All the same thing…”

“Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that’s all there is my friends’ then let’s keep dancing…”


“Shh. Stay Calm. I know my singing voice is atrocious. I’ll have you know I was quite the siren before all this silent terror. Like with anything it takes practice. And I’m far out of it. Ooh! Let’s pop open the bubbly! Whoo! There’s she goes. Don’t you just love those bubbles? Sorry Champagne always makes me giggly.”


“Oh forgive me. We haven’t been acquainted and you’re probably wondering, ‘What makes me so special?’ Let me talk with you, to explain. And you have my apologies as I know that conversations kill and can be pointless at times but this is very exciting. You see it’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone to talk with. See there aren’t many others like me anymore. Most are dead or captured, retired and unwilling to take a risk. It leaves little room for deviation.”


“Not to worry, the tools are for later. See there’s this little something I need in that head of yours. But I must admit I’ve never seen anything like you up close. Tell me do you know you’re different? You don’t. I can tell by that shake of your head you haven’t realized how… So, you really don’t feel anything special? Oh well, this shouldn’t hurt too much. I think.”


“Tsk-tsk. Don’t get ahead of yourself now. No? Don’t shake your head. I can see that you are upset. You’re wondering how? Look to your right. Heart monitor. Works in a similar capacity as a lie detector. Interesting isn’t it?”

mmm… mmmph.

“Oh please don’t mumble. Would you like a glass? Of course not. Will you please stop shaking your head at everything? I’ll have you know it’s not poisoned. See, I’m drinking some. Come now. I’ll let you sip some of mine through a straw. I know you thought I’d remove the tape. Not just yet. I’m not ready. Sorry to disappoint you, but a tiny hole won’t ruin the fun.”


“There you are. Glad to see you’re coming around. You know they pay me for this? The harvesting. Yes. I take out the pieces they want and keep the ones I like. Ah, but you’re different. I’ve hunted you down. Lay in wait to discover how you were different. Special. Has anyone ever told you that you were special? Destined. Have a feeling of fate about you?  They haven’t, have they? I can see that. That’s where you get it from then.”


“Well, you’re certainly modest. Can I bother a bit more? I must know since you’ve heard of people like me, have you heard of me? I can see by the look in your eye you don’t know of me at all. I was quite the notorious one in my youth.”


“Go on now. Stop. You’re much too kind. Flattery will get you everywhere. I must admit I like to think I have aged well. But thank you. Older than I look, younger than I feel. Have another drink. On me.”


“Oh yes. Let me tell you about the first time. Fabulous. Short. Sweet. To the point. Left them wondering. Back when this was permissible. Tearing into the body with the sharpest of instruments and pulling out these little useless pieces. Oh yes, this was legal once. Bet you didn’t know that. You are really very green for your age darling.”


“You see, it wasn’t my first choice of business when I was younger. This was actually my second or third. You see, I wanted to dance. Oh not just anything. Like a Prima Ballerina, a swan with the grace and air. And you see this is something from those days.”


“Aren’t you… you really are divinely kind. Ah, but in the end they said I did this better. Better than this or that or in-between. I was unmistakably gifted in this skill that brought something unique to others and here we are cutting out the pieces of someone and selling them to another someone who wants them more. Granted these aren’t ordinary pieces like mine or theirs. You have something different in that head. Something worth killing for. ”


“Disagreeing again. No there are people that want it more than you. You see, in the end it really is about the money darling. You can lead a thirsty man to water in the desert, but if he can’t pay for it then he won’t be getting any. Well I guess you see the conflict and solution of the matter. And there’s really no proof you need it anymore…”

Bbbhhmmm. Jjmjhkphsm.

“Slow down, I can barely understand you in the first place. I can take it off, but you’re going to scream either way. And this way I don’t have to hear it any sooner. Now please tell me slowly. What?”


“Oh honey. You are special. 33. This is important. You’re an important find. I’ve been looking for you for a very long time. And you have no idea! This makes… this piece is quite rare and the most wonderful gift. And then of course there’s a slim chance you’ll survive. Personally, I’ve never dealt with 33, only heard about it. But I can’t express to you the importance of this piece. Something you forget about using everyday that is so very important to someone else.”


“Alright darling. Have it your way then. But don’t spit anything on me. This outfit costs more than your special uniqueness. You may be different but you are not one of a kind. I’ll find another if you cross me.”


“There you go. Is that better? Ah, before I do this, tell me do you know about the others? 45. 30. 15. What about the earlier ones? 1. 2. Or 6? What do you know about the pieces? You do know, don’t you? Tell me…”

I know that you’re missing 2 because of that artificial right arm you have.


A-ah-ah, I also notice that 12 and 14 have been replaced with implants.


Shh… no-no you’re right. I’m partly wrong the left eye is the real one. And that right ear is half real. Let me guess out of a 100 pieces, that at least half of you is implanted.

“Of course, that’s a half good guess. But 33 darling, now that’s special. I will need too… this isn’t a light matter.”

Ah, 33. You’re right. I imagine you’ve spent a third of your life looking for this piece. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. Anything goes wrong in removal and then all for nothing. Not many are left, thanks to your kind. Finding another won’t be easy.

“Well darling I’ll take my chances and regardless of all that I’m glad we’ve had this chat. But since I’ve danced and you’ve drunken the bubbly it’s time I cut out your last piece of vestigial humanity. And once I’ve pulled it out through your nose then I’m going to sell it to the highest bidder. Any last words?”

Tell me Captain Ahab how does it feel to kill the white whale?

“I’ll let you know all about it when I’m finished. If you survive I’m taking your tongue out next.”

This is 33.
This is something for the occasion.
This is because every occasion leaves its mark on us. It’s not what you see; it’s how you see it. 
And of course this is because, I missed the macabre.

This is more scripted in form than the usual things. Been happily splitting the focus once again. Unlike the others as of late, this is different and in a darker vein. The bigger project has taken its shape and now requires some work in a different way. It is exciting to say you’ll do something and actually do it. There’s new to come. Anyhow, thank you to everyone for the well wishes today. Have a great night. Enjoy life, enjoy each other, enjoy. m.

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