Friday, April 30, 2010



The unsurprise. Last post… elsewhere. No more secondary blog. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise. It isn’t an event. It isn’t even the end. No bells and whistles. It’s been a long overdue separation.

Someone told me several months back, ‘you are getting the chance to do exactly what you wanted, and you can’t see it’ and I didn’t understand that. Simply couldn’t until I turned down all the other noise. I now do.

I’m a writer. I’m also an artist, a designer, a musician, a photographer, a carpenter, etc. A Jill-of-all-trades. I will keep designing, creating and looking for that day job. Ultimately I’m a writer first. It’s my healthy addiction that I would gladly make time for, when there is none. The writing would continue even if no one came to read. This is the new direction. I currently have no analytics on the blog. I’m giving up the ultimate control. Blind. 

It’s a step in a new, hopefully the right, direction.

Published or not. That shouldn’t be the thing that stops me from making this change. There are other writers out there doing their own thing. This isn’t quite like what anyone else is doing… so I’m going to keep doing it and learn from the process. And of course, plagiarism scares me everyday, but I’m working on that dilemma. Not playing around on that. Can’t. Not Sorry.

Everything will now be at It’s the entire blog in a different location. It’s very sparse and needs a little work. Not too much. I’ve begun to archive the writing so that the original posts can be read. Should make older posts easier to access. I may archive my idiosyncratic fixations as well. (Music, Quotes, Art/ists, Books, Sleep, 300s, 400s, and soon Letters, and Awake) Don’t hold me to it. This is a temporary home, until I can, or have someone help create a permanent site.

Why all this? It’s been awhile now… That I’ve continually been told this secondary is a dead platform. I have to somewhat agree. And I can’t pull double duty anymore. The other project is already starting to suffer. Additionally, there is always my pet project off in the distant future.

It’s been an intense couple months of personal growth but I’m back on the right PATH. My own. Thank you, especially to anyone who kept reading throughout it all. And like everything else that I’ve done right or wrong… regrets will not do any bit of good. Live in the present moment. ANYHOW! I’m ready to seriously get down to business! 

What’s coming? I’m going back and revising the stories. I will keep you posted on the revisions and link the updates. I’ve come to the new conclusion that some of these could possibly become more. Also, I’m getting ready to write the script. I won’t be sharing the script. I’ve been researching a lot of WWII Germany and believe it or not that will eventually make sense. Lastly, the book is next on the agenda. I’m overwhelmed everyday for that prospect, but I’ve set aside the time to write it.

In May, there is new coming. I’m producing two new series’ in short form, Letters and Awake. I’m tremendously excited. Also I’m wrapping up the short stories I’ve left open. There are two. What else? More 300s. Those were so much fun. I couldn’t wait to get back to producing them. There are a few other things, but for now I will just say MORE…

Please keep reading if you enjoy, as I will continue putting up stories. My friends, my family, and anyone else that reads the stories, thank you for the continued support. I do appreciate you being ‘round.

Anyhow… more to come. Kisses are lovely. Kicks if you need them instead. And a little bit of crazy goes a long way. It's time to take a jump. m.

It becomes clear that this is a choice motivated by my own needs... I hadn't thought of anyone else who reads. Dead platform or not... Some might prefer there vs here. I don't know? If there's anyone that would like me to keep double posting... I can. Let me know? It isn't a huge inconvenience. It was a way to simplify things for myself. In hindsight this isn't one of my distractions and changes nothing. Otherwise there is New stuff this week...

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