Thursday, February 11, 2010

Die? Die my love?

Die? Die My Love?

Go gently into that dark night. Leave the last trace of life behind. Quietly fall away from this madness without fear.

Gunning down the most pristine creature I’d ever laid eyes on. My one and only love allied with the enemy. Stomping through the dark wetness. Mud soaked gravel betrays my approach. In the distance I can see her shadow running ahead of me. Beautiful golden hair freely tossing about, illuminated by the intermittent moonlight. Moonlight that peeks in and out of the heavily clouded heavens. Can’t say I’m not enjoying the chase, cause this is almost as exhilarating as the first time we’d met. Killing her. Well I don’t want to do that. One of us dying will completely destroy the other one. But there’s no choice. Lines have been drawn. Sides have been chosen.  

Beautiful man. He’s chasing me again. Gunning me down. Pursuit like no other. This time is different though. Unlike the other times, I’m quite certain he’ll kill me. I can feel him closing in. A death I deserve. Crossing lines. The menacing shadow appears far behind but edging after quickly. Weapon in hand as he narrows his pursuit. The ground is slick beneath my shoes as I slip repeatedly. Composure of my pistol restored each time I regain balance. It is difficult to work against the wetness but I manage to slowly capture distance between us.

Shots fired. Bursts of light exchanged across the half-lit night. Tumbling over onto one side but she doesn’t appear to be hit. Her continued struggle through the wet ground makes this less of a challenge. Soon I’ll overtake the disloyal creature and bring the final blow of death. Run darling run, you’ll never get away from this. Justification for betrayal and deceit. Love only stayed your execution. There’s no other way. You deserve to die.

Keep running further and further. Slipping through mud. Legs wear the rivers of dripping blood. Returning his continued fire. Missing him is harder than I thought. An inch closer and he would have been dead. Need to be more careful. A weapon without deadly intent rests in my grip. I don’t want to kill him. Even an injury or flesh would be far more destruction than I desire. Death I brought upon myself. Unforgiveable crimes merit punishment.

Rapidly gaining momentum. Gun sends off a blaze of ammo after the elusive shadow ahead. Through the brief periods of dark return fire grazes past my head and shoulders. Releasing a shot here and there as I near my target. Delicately I turn corners and pass through darkness. Sneaking up until I’m point blank range. Fire. Down. There’s not an ounce of breath in my lungs. Combustion tears a hole through my chest sending me down. Without an inch of compassion the wicked woman dares to rush over and watch me die. How could you? Get away from me. This should be you dying. Die my love. Die.

Hit. Down falling quick. Arms and legs have no strength within to stand. It can’t be true. My pistol of fire released a round of pain into his chest. Racing to stop my damage but it’s too late. Die? Die my love? Don’t die. With a gentle breath ease into this rest. It shouldn’t be you dying. Crying. Falling. It should be me lying there. Suffering. Fading. Accepting retribution for my transgression. Don’t die. Don’t die my love.

This originated off of the wall of ideas that came down in December. Quite a bit survived that angst. A lot did not survive. But such is life. Sometimes you can't take it back and it's a hard lesson to learn.   There maybe a couple up tomorrow before I leave. I will be spending a couple of days out of the area with family. A long awaited trip. Can’t wait to see my lil sis, who has greatly inspired me more than once. Among others who continue to inspire me regardless. enjoy the story? kisses. m.

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