Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wall.

Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd

Did have something far more interesting to share, but I'm having technical difficulties at the moment. Anyhow, this felt appropriate enough. You see, the lovely 'wall' of ideas, sketches, and other important art-type things that I keep, well it sort of had to come down yesterday. Destruction at its finest! Was going to share a picture of that 'wall' prior to its demise, AH but life has a sense of humor today. Oh yes, THE Angst. Why? A bit of information crossed my path that I can neither confirm nor negate at this point and ... well I'm the aftermath. For about two days now. Yesterday I took things apart. The wall of course being the largest. Today was spent putting things away and moving furniture about. Love doing that! I don't know if I'll put 'the wall' back up. Right now the sketches and ideas are going into binders for easy access [when I travel about]. Anyhow if I find a pic somewhere I will most definitely share! Besides it was a time for a change. kisses. m.

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