Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares 17

I Dream of Love

I do not. Maybe I do? HAHA. I don't know. Actually I still dream in Salvador Dali paintings. Those are my favorites. With the occasional nightmares. And then there's the odd ones...dum dum dum. Latest oddity. I was a man in love with a woman and about to get married. CRAZY huh? Ok. Will share a little. In a train station and we're about to meet her mother. Me for the first time. She's excited. My stomach's in knots. Weirder and weirder and yet oh so normal. We're all walking and talking about the wedding and then having lunch. I win her approval. Sharing time over... are you surprised no one died? Don't be. Anyhow, so maybe I do dream of love... just not for me. I'm an unselfish girl. HAHA. Wouldn't it be nice if dreams were enough. Anyhow this is a picture I came across and thought wouldn't that be a fun thing to use in the sleep series. kisses, m. 

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