Saturday, October 8, 2011


Get? There are a million things a person can get. Possessions, trash, money, and lost. There are so many things anyone can get. But can a person forget something. Something so small that it was always right in front of them. what is that? Their life. If a person doesn't get it, or get a hold of it, they might lose it or even worse... someone might decide that they want to take it away. Why? You tell me. Human nature is a mighty confusing thing. People will end each other over nothing, nothing at all. It's simply amazing. Needless to say, it's nearly time to get... how about you? enjoy. kisses. m.


“Get what? Huh what? What don’t I get? I don’t understand. Stop already.”
“You forgot what I said again didn’t you?”
“What did I forget?”
“I can’t tell you. You have to GET it.”
“Then give me a clue…”
“I’m not saying anymore you…”
“Come on, what’s it start with?”
“Ok but you won’t GET it.”
“Quit fooling around. Tell me. Please give me a hint…”
“How many hints do you need to GET it? How about a little more pressure?”
“I have no clue. You have to tell me.”
“Telling you won’t make it clear.”
“Say it already!”
“You have to GET it on your own.”
“What do you mean get it?”
“There are consequences, and as much as I love them my hands are getting tired. So you need to…”
“Forget about your hands that pinches my leg. Just tell me. Tell me and I promise I’ll understand next time.”
“It’s impossible for you to understand or you would have already. How could you forget?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means what it means. And you deserve every pinch. You wanted to use the cuffs and chains this time.”
“But I hardly call this fun anymore. If you’re going to remain unreasonable could you at least unfasten the clamps on my…”
“Unreasonable?! I should leave you right there in the middle of your own mess.”
“My mess?!”
“You forgot. You’re to blame… Shit.”
“What’s the problem now?”
“I’m stuck. The leather on my… my hands stuck to your choker.”
“You should have told me.”
“I did tell you.”
“When did you tell me?”
“I must have said it at least five times, you’ll never GET it.”
“I think that I can reach the key in your pocket.”
“Then GET it”
“GET! I just got it.”
“About time.”

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